About the Advanced Visualization Tool

Applies To: WatchGuard Advanced Reporting Tool and Data Control

The Advanced Visualization Tool is an optional module available with WatchGuard Advanced EPDR, WatchGuard EPDR, and WatchGuard EDR licenses. It is an operational and analytical platform that supports the WatchGuard Advanced Reporting Tool and WatchGuard Data Control.

The Advanced Visualization Tool generates security intelligence data and IT insights for your network. It includes tools to detect and analyze security incidents, as well as determine what network users do with their computers, such as application installation and execution, and bandwidth usage. The Advanced Visualization Tool also identifies applications that have vulnerabilities that malware could exploit.

For Data Control data, the Advanced Visualization Tool presents information on the workstations and servers that contain files with Personally Identifiable Information (PII), the PII files found on the network, and the processes performed on them. It shows related actions taken by users and information on suspicious operations.

To open the Advanced Visualization Tool:

  1. In WatchGuard Cloud, select Monitor > Endpoints.
  2. Select Status > Advanced Visualization Tool.

Screen shot of WatchGuard EPDR, Advanced Visualization Tool

  1. To open the available dashboards, from the left pane, select Advanced Reporting or Data Control.

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