Monitor Unwanted Freeware

Applies To: WatchGuard Advanced Reporting Tool

Torrent software is not necessarily a risk, but files downloaded from torrent sites might contain malware or malicious content. Traffic through Tor exit nodes indicates the use of Tor browsers in your environment. These exit nodes are risky because traffic that passes through the gateway is difficult to control and can indicate an attempt to hide the activity.

We recommend you remove Torrent software from your network to prevent the upload and download of copyrighted material, and minimize bandwidth usage. Alternatively, you could actively monitor Tor nodes and files downloaded through torrent applications.

To view unwanted freeware such as Torrent, from the WatchGuard EPDR or WatchGuard EDR web UI:

  1. From the top navigation bar, select Status.
  2. From the left pane, select Advanced Visualization Tool.
    A new browser tab opens.
  3. From the left pane, select Advanced Reporting > Application Control.
  4. Select the date range for the data you want to see.

Screen shot of Advanced Visualization Tool date selector

  1. Click Refresh.

    The dashboard shows information for the time period selected.
  2. Select the Special Applications & Tools tab.

Screen shot of Advanced Visualization Tool, ART > Special Applications & Tools tab

  1. In the Unwanted Freeware Applications Executed tiles, review the list of applications executed by machine and user.

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