Configure ConnectWise Alerts and Tickets

You can configure which events and security incidents generate an alert or a ticket in ConnectWise.

When you install the WatchGuard Endpoint Security Plug-in, it automatically installs the required scripts, monitors, and email template for ConnectWise Automate to generate the alerts and tickets.

You can create alerts and tickets for these events:

Event Alert Severity Ticket Priority Message Description
Protection status error Error Critical WatchGuard protection status error There is a protection status (advanced protection, knowledge, anti-virus) error on the device.
Machines without license Informational Critical Machines without a valid license or over allocated The device does not have a valid endpoint security product license or there is an over allocation of licenses.
Restart required (pending upgrade) Warning Normal Machine pending restart due to protection upgrade A device requires a restart after the installation of an endpoint security product update.
Installation failed Warning High WatchGuard protection installation error The installation of an endpoint security product on a device has failed.
Malware executed Critical Critical Malware executed in the machine Malware has been executed on a device.
PUP executed Critical Critical PUP executed in the machine Potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) have been executed on a device.
Indicator of attack detected Critical Critical Indicator of attack detected in the machine Confirmed events that are highly likely to be an attack are detected on a device.

Configure Alerts and Tickets

To configure alerts and tickets:

  1. Select Configuration > Alerts and Tickets.

Screen shot of the WatchGuard Alerts page in the WatchGuard Endpoint Security plug-in

  1. For each event, select the Create Alert check box to generate the alert in ConnectWise.
  2. For each event, select the Create Ticket check box to generate a ticket in ConnectWise.
  3. In the Email text box, type the email address that will receive the alert or ticket notification.
  4. Click Save.