Multi-Tenant Management — Manage Tasks

Applies To: WatchGuard Advanced EPDR, WatchGuard EPDR, WatchGuard EDR, WatchGuard EPP, WatchGuard EDR Core

On the Tasks page, Service Providers can create scan tasks and patch installation tasks for the Windows and macOS endpoints in tenant accounts and account groups.

To access the multi-tenant management UI for endpoint security, your Service Provider account must have an active WatchGuard Endpoint Security license in its inventory.

Patch installation tasks only affect accounts and tenants with a Patch Management license. Scan tasks only affect accounts and clients with WatchGuard Advanced EPDR, EPDR, or EPP installed. In this topic, when we refer to WatchGuard Endpoint Security, we only refer to WatchGuard Advanced EPDR, EPDR and EPP.

To open the tasks list from WatchGuard Cloud:

  1. From Account Manager, select a Service Provider account.
    To select your own Service Provider account, select Overview. Or, select a tier-n Service Provider account.
  2. Select Monitor > Endpoints.
  3. Select Tasks.

Screen shot of Service Provider Endpoint Manager, Tasks page

You can configure tasks to run immediately or at a later time. Tasks can run once or repeatedly at specified time intervals.

You can filter tasks by task type (Scan, Patch Installation) or schedule (All, Immediate, Once, Scheduled).

Tasks that you assign to an account in the multi-tenant management UI appear as read-only in the Endpoint Security management UI. The task shows with a green The Service Provider label. label to differentiate it from tasks created in the client's Endpoint Security management UI.

The steps to add and manage tasks are the same as the steps for Subscriber accounts in the Endpoint Security management UI. For more information, go to:

Copy a Task

To create a new task with the same settings as an existing task, click the icon next to the task. When you create a task, you can choose to copy the task with or without the recipients.

Edit a Task

To edit a task, on the Tasks page, click the task name. Based on the status of the task, you can edit the task overview, recipients, schedule, or settings.

Unpublished Tasks

You can edit all task parameters (overview, recipients, schedule, or settings).

Published Tasks without a Recurring Schedule

You cannot edit any task parameters (overview, recipients, schedule, or settings). To edit the task parameters, create a copy of the task and make changes to the copy.

Published Tasks with a Recurring Schedule

You can edit the task name and description, and you can add or delete recipients. You cannot edit the task schedule or settings.

When you remove recipients from a scheduled recurrent task, the task in progress continues to show in the management UI for the client account until you cancel the task.

For canceled or failed tasks, you cannot edit any task parameters (overview, recipients, schedule, or settings).

Cancel and Delete a Task

You can cancel a task if the status is In Progress. You must cancel an In Progress task before you can delete it.

To cancel a published task:

  1. Select the check box for each task you want to cancel.
  2. Click Cancel.
    A confirmation dialog box opens.
  3. Click OK.
    This cancels the task, but does not delete the task from the Tasks page. You can still see the task results.

When a task is published and executed, it is not automatically deleted from the Tasks page. Before you can delete a task, verify that the task status is unpublished or canceled. If the task is In Progress, you must cancel it before you can delete it.

To delete a task:

  1. Select the check box for each task you want to delete.
  2. Click Delete.
    A confirmation dialog box opens that informs you that the tasks will be deleted for all client accounts that have them assigned.
  3. Click OK.
    The tasks are deleted from the Endpoint Security management UI and the multi-tenant management UI. All of the results collected from client accounts are deleted from the multi-tenant management UI as well.

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