Installation Communication Errors

Applies To: WatchGuard EPDR, WatchGuard EDR, WatchGuard EPP

The steps to install the WatchGuard endpoint agent and client software are:

  1. Integrate the endpoint agent in WatchGuard Endpoint Security solution web UI, for viewing and management.
  2. Download configurations.
  3. Download the installers of the contracted protections.
  4. Download knowledge signature files.
  5. Verify the necessary communications so that the protection can access the Collective Intelligence, both to obtain knowledge and to send telemetry.

Possible Agent Integration Failure

If the integration of the agent in the solution fails (step 1 above), it might be due to the reasons explained below. If step 1 succeeds but the process fails in a subsequent step, it is probably due to cause 3.

Cause 1: Problem in the network settings established for the group of computers for which the installer was downloaded

Go to Settings > Network Settings and check the network configuration.
If there is an error in the configuration, establish the correct configuration and download the installer again.

Cause 2: Connectivity errors in the computer — HTTP or WinInet error codes are displayed

  • Check the list of HTTP codes.
  • Check the WinInet codes.

Cause 3: Company firewall or proxy restricts access to the URLs required to install WatchGuard Endpoint Security solutions

Make sure that the URLs in this article are open in your company.