Simplifying Your Solution Provider Business

As a solution provider, simple isn’t a word you would use to describe your day.

You’re juggling multiple vendors, a handful of platforms, and all your customers’ needs. You require solutions in your stack that not only help solve your customers’ problems but can also automate processes and ultimately make your job easier. From deployment and configuration to management and billing – the solutions you build your business around should simplify your life.

At WatchGuard, our solutions are built with three things in mind: simplicity, security and our partners. By delivering Cloud-based deployments, flexible billing and a program designed with solution providers in mind, we feel confident that we have the right solutions to simplify your business and your life.

Solutions to Simplify Your Security

Leverage Zero-Touch Configuration

Configuration and deployment are probably the last things you would describe as simple when it comes to your solution provider business. With limited resources, streamlining this step of your set-up process and even using resources available on site, can save your business time and money.

Flexible Pricing and Billing Options

Processing payments and managing invoicing for your customers is far from simple. And depending on the number of customers you have, this could be a downright nightmare. Make sure that the way you pay your vendors is the same as how you collect from your customers.

Vendor Consolidation & Integrations

Managing multiple vendors across your security and technology stack is a necessary evil of your solution provider business. Furthermore, you need to make sure your stack works together harmoniously, and the easier those solutions integrate together out-of-the-box, the easier your life will be on the management side.

Cloud-Based Management & Reporting

You never think of managing and reporting on your customers security as a breeze. If each of your solutions have a different UI or management tool, it can be cumbersome to provide a holistic view of your customer deployments. Managing and reporting from multiple tools is just a headache waiting to happen.

Sound too good to be true?

Don’t take our word for it – hear what our partners have to say about why they made the switch to WatchGuard.

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Download the resource kit below and get easy access to our demos and our 4 Step Guide to Simplifying Your Solution Provider Business.

  • Solution Brief - 4 Steps to Simplifying Your Solution Provider Business
  • Demo - Wi-Fi Cloud
  • Demo - AuthPoint
  • Partner Success Story - Eat IT Drink IT

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Simplified security can often feel out of reach. We’re here to help with these informative resources.

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