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Signature Version: 4.1044


WEB Remote File Inclusion /etc/passwd
Threat Level: Critical
Release Date: 2011/6/9
Category: Web Attacks
Signature ID: 1054837
Included In:
Affected OS: Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, Other Unix
Description: Remote attackers can exploit this issue to access the system password files.
Impact: Information disclosure
Recommendation: Validate all input in web application
False Positive: None
False Negative: None
Additional Information (Links open in new window):
Reference(s): BID:65874; CVE-1999-0262; CVE-2007-1277; CVE-2011-0405; CVE-2011-0518; CVE-2011-4716; CVE-2012-5192; CVE-2014-1907; CVE-2014-2588 ;CVE-2014-7863; CVE-2015-5531; OSVDB-102608; ZDI-17-389; CVE-2018-14912; msf

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