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The Firebox M4600 and M5600 allow businesses to add the network interface modules that best suit their environment.

With firewall throughput of up to 60 Gbps and UTM throughput up to 11 Gbps, the Firebox M4600 and M5600 are our fastest Firebox appliances ever. This level of performance, paired with powerful security, flexible high port density, and affordability makes these the ideal solutions for distributed, hub-and-spoke type deployment scenarios.

Typically deployed at the corporate headquarters, these appliances serve as the “hub” appliance, responsible for managing and securing all communications between the head office and all remote employee and small business sites. WatchGuard Dimension, which is included at no additional cost, provides a suite of big data visibility and reporting tools that instantly identify and distill key network security threats, issues and trends, accelerating the ability to set meaningful security policies across the entire network.

Outstanding Performance

Up to 60 Gbps firewall throughput and 10 Gbps VPN throughput. Turn on optional security services and still see an amazing 11 Gbps throughput. WatchGuard leads the industry in performance when those critical services are enabled!

Comprehensive Protection

Best-in-class security services boost protection in critical attack areas, including gateway AV, URL and web content filtering, intrusion prevention, app control, botnet detection, and spam blocking.

Always Know What's Happening on Your Network

Pinpoint significant network activities to take immediate corrective or diagnostic actions directly from the interactive, real-time monitoring. All logging and reporting functions also included with purchase.

Redundant Power

Hot-swappable redundant power supplies ensure maximum uptime.

Easily Manage Many Appliances

Distributed organizations and MSSPs will especially appreciate the intuitive tools that support policy creation, management, and enforcement across multiple locations.

Customized Port Configurations

Module options include 4 x 10 Gb Fiber, 8 x 1 Gb Fiber, and 8 x 1 Gb Copper – and any combination of these can be deployed in the M4600 and M5600 two empty bays.

Maximum Network Uptime

High availability capabilities – active/active and active/passive – ensure your network is always up and running. Buy two M4600s or M5600s for a high availability pair and receive 50% off the cost of the second device.

Protection from Advanced Persistent Threats

APT Blocker extends protection from the universe of known malware to the unknown, securing your business from today’s constantly evolving threats.

3 Ways to Manage Your Appliance

Choose how you manage your WatchGuard appliance, using WatchGuard System Manager, the command line interface, and a web UI for access from anywhere.

Quick and Secure Setup

Take advantage of innovative features like drag-and-drop VPN creation and RapidDeploy technology to make fast work of extending your network.

Network Discovery

This subscription-based service preforms a complete network scan to generate a visual map of every connected device network so you can easily see where you may be at risk.



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Quick Facts

> Application-layer content inspection recognizes & blocks threats that stateful packet firewalls cannot detect


> Even with all UTM security subscriptions enabled, throughput can reach over 11 Gbps throughput – the fastest Firebox UTM solution ever


> To maximize port utilization, any of the ports can be configured as Internal, External, or Optional


> Multiple VPN choices for flexibility in remote access


> Active/active high availability with load balancing maximum network uptime


> Monitoring and reporting tools are included at no additional cost



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