Reduce VPN Traffic with Split Tunneling


By default, all traffic goes through the VPN tunnel. You select split tunneling so that the VPN client sends only the traffic destined for the secured network through the VPN tunnel. The secured network consists of the addresses specified as accessible networks.

When split tunneling is active, group-based policies apply to the internal NIC only. For connections from inside of the firewall, group-based policies do not apply to traffic to external resources or resources local to the network; the traffic is not encrypted.

If you decide to not use split tunneling and turn it off, any packet destined for a network not appearing in the specified allowed list is dropped.

  1. In the Firebox SSL Administration Tool, go to the Global Policies tab.
  2. Select the check box for Enable Split Tunneling.
  3. Select or type the Accessible Networks.
  4. Click Submit.


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