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PCI Requirements Mapping
WatchGuard UTM Platform

If you are in the retail or hospitality industries, it's important to know exactly how your network security solution maps to PCI DSS standards. This white paper presents a straight-forward review of PCI requirements and how the WatchGuard UTM platform delivers the capabilities you need to ensure mandates are met. Read on...

The Total Economic Impact Of WatchGuard XTM For Managing Unified Threat Management

This report from Forrester Consulting examines the total economic impact and potential value of WatchGuard UTM solutions. Based on a methodology developed by Forrester Research, the analysis reveals substantial qualitative as well as quantitative benefits, and is an excellent tool for understanding why WatchGuard products are a compelling network security investment. Read on...

Illuminate Shadow IT and Securely Manage BYOX

In addition to using personal devices for work, employees today are frequently leveraging cloud-based applications and other tools—beyond the oversight of IT. While this practice may increase workforce productivity and can help cut costs, it spells more headaches for IT. WatchGuard delivers the comprehensive network visibility and granular control organizations need to securely enable a BYOX workforce. Learn about the key risks for BYOX, and explore strategies and security solutions for embracing the business productivity aspects of BYOX, while protecting your organization from the potential security pitfalls. Read on...

Rise of the Smart Firewall

The Smart Firewall has arrived and it's poised to become, if it is not already, the cornerstone of your network security environment well into the future. The best of the new wave of UTMs, or smart firewalls, elevate last year's "next-generation firewall" to another level, adding more layers of protection and enhanced capabilities--while delivering superior security and performance. Get a brief introduction to today's smart firewall and learn how to evaluate UTMs versus other technologies, as well as how to differentiate UTM solutions from vendor to vendor. Read on...

Maintaining Strong Security and PCI DSS Compliance in a Distributed Retail Environment

It's not only critical that organizations implement the PCI DSS prescribed security measures, they must also be able to clearly demonstrate that they are compliant. WatchGuard provides multilayered security solutions and reporting tools, including PCI DSS compliance reports, that help support an organization in achieving PCI DSS compliance and keeping networks and cardholder data secure. Read on...

BYOD: Bring Your Own Device – or Bring Your Own Danger?

Workers increasingly use personal devices, including tablets, smartphones, and laptops, to accomplish their work faster, more flexibly, and from anywhere. While BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) offers more independence for workers, it can reduce the control that organizations have over their networks. Businesses that try to ban personal devices outright may repel productive workers, or induce employees to work outside the rules. With WatchGuard, businesses can confidently embrace BYOD and maintain strong security—without sacrificing flexibility. Read on...

Defining, Evaluating, and Designing Best-in-Class Network Security

In an evolving threat landscape, organizations of all sizes will find it increasingly difficult to avoid a security breach or loss of data. Many turn to multi-layer security management solutions, but not all solutions are created equal. Discover how WatchGuard leverages best-in-class security services powered by leading security industry specialists for true defense-in-depth protection. Read on...

Define, Enforce, and Audit Strong Healthcare Security Policies

This paper highlights cost benefits of Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR), compliance drivers, and the need for a secure EHR network as the foundation for delivering quality care, compliance, and higher reimbursements. We also summarize how WatchGuard solutions help healthcare organizations foster a day-to-day culture of proactive and real-time information security in preparation for increasing reliance on EHR technology. Read on...

Securing the Virtual World

Virtualization is part of an overall trend within IT to centralize administrative tasks while improving scalability and workloads. Questions have arisen around security within virtualized environments and if they are as safe as physical environments or even perhaps safer. This white paper addresses the challenges that are faced and how to tackle them successfully. Read on...

Policy - The Foundation to Business Security

Although setting up a corporate Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) can be daunting, it is the foundation to business security. This white paper addresses why an AUP is not only necessary, it also must be monitored and enforced. Learn how to effectively reduce risks and empower employees. Read on...

Info-Tech Research Group positions WatchGuard as a UTM Vendor Landscape Champion and winner of their 'Value Award'

In this report, Info-Tech Research Group evaluates ten competitors in the networking perimeter Unified Threat Management (UTM) market. Based on their analysis of product features, affordability, usability, architecture, and vendor viability, strategy, reach and channel, WatchGuard was deemed to be a Champion due to its "balance of strong product and vendor capabilities at a market-leading price point, [WatchGuard] leads with a UTM solution that can deliver benefits to any organization." Read on...

Cyber-bullying: A Digital Epidemic

The more you become aware of the facts about cyber-bullying, the better prepared you'll be to end online harassment over your school's network. This white paper looks at the technology required to stop cyber-bullying and the steps school administrators can take to ensure students are protected. Learn the facts about cyber-bullying today! Read on...

Overcoming the Two Big Obstacles to Deploying Email Encryption: Cost and Complexity

Email encryption is fast becoming the must-have technology to achieve regulatory compliance, secure corporate assets, and protect privacy. Effective, affordable, and easy-to-use encryption was once unheard of. Now businesses can have it all. Read on...

Data Loss Prevention: Keep Sensitive Data-In-Motion Safe

Sensitive information enters and exits company networks every day, and getting caught losing that confidential information is expensive, disruptive, and damaging to carefully nurtured corporate images. Whether your data loss is accidental or malicious, you need to gain insight into the magnitude of your data loss problem, identify security gaps, and develop a proactive approach to stop data loss before it happens. Read on...

Take Back Control: Increase Security, Empower Employees,
Protect the Business

The staggering number of new applications – especially web 2.0 apps – has IT scrambling to keep up with increased security risks, productivity issues, and bandwidth usage. That some of these applications are necessary at times, depending on a user's job description, makes it all the harder to manage. Read this white paper to find out how WatchGuard Application Control lets you take back control of your network by keeping more than 1,800 applications in check, including IM, P2P, Facebook, Skype, YouTube, and many more. Read on...

Digital Education's Converge Q3 Special Report on Infrastructure

This Special Report focuses on campus technology, including data centers, network security, telecommunications and networking systems, technology support, IT management systems. At a time when schools of all kinds are on a financial diet, the way to a healthy future is through greater efficiencies and effectiveness. To get there, a campus must create a healthy infrastructure that is lean and sustainable. Read on...

Cloud-based Web Security Isn't Hype: It's Here and It Works

Protect your company's valuable assets from web-based attacks with an innovative, effective new form of web security – cloud-based, reputation-driven defense. Turns out that this cloud-based protection can also help with your network's ever-increasing need for speed by significantly reducing web processing overhead. Find out how it works and why it's actually possible now to move the battle for web security off your web servers. Read on...

10 questions to ask before you buy an anti-spam solution
WatchGuard® vs. the other guys

With so many anti-spam products on the market, how can you be sure you're getting the best solution for your business network? With these ten critical questions as your guide, you can cut through the marketing hype and zero in on the key features and benefits that should guide your decision. Read on...

Security from Above
How Cloud-based Security Delivers Up-to-the-Minute Network Protection

Cloud-based security is a red hot topic these days, but is it hype or the real deal? Read this white paper for a look at how and why the latest generation of in-the-cloud security really does deliver big dividends for your organization's network security posture. Read on...

Energy: Enabling Reliability, Security, and Compliance

Protecting the assets of the Energy Industry – what some call the largest productivity machine in the world – is critically important. This paper reviews trends in industry regulations, increased enforcement activities, and new security requirements. Find out how the game is changing and what energy companies can do to stay safe from cyber attacks, while meeting stringent compliance standards. Read on...

When Pressing the Send Button Results in Compliance Violations

Complying with regulations to protect confidential data is serious business. This white paper offers a new perspective on what an easy-to-use, all-inclusive email and web secure content and threat prevention appliance can do to protect your business. Read on...

PCI Requirements Mapping
WatchGuard XCS Secure Content & Threat Management

PCI DSS regulations have changed since they were first implemented. If you are in the retail or hospitality industries, it's important to know what the standards are now. Read this white paper for a fresh look at security for debit and credit card transactions under PCI DSS and how WatchGuard XCS appliances can keep your network compliant. Read on...

Network Security in Healthcare
How the right technology enhances quality of care

With the right security technology, healthcare organizations can protect sensitive patient information while meeting requirements and reducing the costs of compliance. But what is the right technology? This white paper maps out what to look for in security products and services to help you enhance quality of care, protect sensitive data, and enable compliance while holding down costs. Read on...

SSL VPN Grows Up
Time to Demand More from Your Next SSL VPN

Don't limit your potential to connect offsite and traveling employees because of outdated expectations. Advances in SSL VPN technology mean that businesses can now offer secure remote access with much more flexibility, access control, and ease of use – and at less cost. Read this white paper to find out what you should be demanding from an SSL VPN appliance today to get the very best connectivity for your far-flung business team. Read on...

The Target on Your Network is Growing
Securing Your Network During an Economic Downturn

Due to the recent economic downturn, many small businesses have to assess how budget cuts and reduced headcount are going to affect their network security posture. In this white paper we explore opportunities that will allow for businesses to maintain IT value as it relates to network security, while building a solid foundation for future growth. Read this white paper to ensure that the health of your network security is being properly addressed. Read on...

Network Security Essentials for Your New Small Business

Sloppy data security can put you out of business, fast. In fact, the US Department of Labor has warned that 93% of businesses that suffer a significant data loss go out of business within five years. Don't be caught with homemade security when industrial-strength attackers hit your small business network. Download this white paper to find out how to get the business-grade network security you need to succeed. Read on...

Top 10 Threats to SME Data Security
(and what to do about them)

For a seasoned and no-nonsense perspective on what types of data compromises most often occur in the real world, read this white paper by long-time WatchGuard security analyst Scott Pinzon, CISSP. It lists the ten most common vectors of data compromise, with practical techniques and defenses to counter each vector. Read on...

In a Hurry?

Download a three page summary of Scott's white paper to get a high-level overview of the top threats to SMEs with one practical step you can take immediately to mitigate each threat. For a more in-depth list of measures to ensure your network's safety, download the full white paper.

Understanding and Blocking the New Botnets

Botnets are widely regarded as the top threat to network security. This paper explains how botnets have traditionally worked, then contrasts the established model with startling botnet innovations that emerged in 2007 and are continuing to evolve. Examples describe botnets known as Zunker, Gozi, Storm, MayDay, and a kit known as Mpack that helps botmasters easily create malicious web sites. After explaining why the latest innovations make bots a more serious threat than ever, the paper concludes by suggesting defensive countermeasures. Read on...

In a Hurry?

Download the two page summary of best practices for keeping botnets out of your network. When you have more time, come back for the full white paper. It's an excellent resource for anyone who wants to understand how botnets work and what makes your network vulnerable.

When Corporate Network Safety Starts at Employees' Homes
Protecting Your Network from Home Wireless Hackers

With the increasing sophistication and ease with which hackers attack, IT managers must train their end users on wireless security, specifying wireless router hardware and configuration settings, and in some cases, providing firewall/VPN endpoint appliances (managed from the data center) for key employees' in-home use. This white paper covers eight essential tips for nailing down security for off-site wireless users. Share it with your remote users today to help them work from home safely. Read on...

Trusted Identities, Managed Access
Implementing an Identity and Access Management Strategy for the Mobile Enterprise

In the past, most organizations have taken a piecemeal approach to deploying mobile identity and access management through VPNs, authentication, or single sign-on products. WatchGuard SSL solutions bring it all together by providing a central administration console that manages all aspects of identity and access control, including endpoint and mid-point integrity, clientless VPN, single sign-on and federated identities, authentication, policy management, and auditing. Read how this adds up to powerful protection and reduced administration costs for your business. Read on...

Secure Remote Access
Give users "in office" remote access—anytime, anywhere

In the past, most organizations have taken a piecemeal approach to deploying mobile identity and access management through VPNs, authentication, or single sign-on products. WatchGuard SSL solutions bring it all together by providing a central administration console that manages all aspects of identity and access control, including endpoint and mid-point integrity, clientless VPN, single sign-on and federated identities, authentication, policy management, and auditing. Read how this adds up to powerful protection and reduced administration costs for your business. Read on...

True Zero Day Protection
The Only Defense Against Evolving Security Threats

In the past, most organizations have taken a piecemeal approach to deploying mobile identity and access management through VPNs, authentication, or single sign-on products. WatchGuard SSL solutions bring it all together by providing a central administration console that manages all aspects of identity and access control, including endpoint and mid-point integrity, clientless VPN, single sign-on and federated identities, authentication, policy management, and auditing. Read how this adds up to powerful protection and reduced administration costs for your business. Read on...

Producing Your Network Security Policy

This paper lays out a common-sense approach to writing corporate security policies that makes them easier to draft, maintain, and enforce. Our "question and answer" approach requires no outside consultants. Instead, you can use your in-house knowledge and resources to yield a brief, usable, and — most importantly — understandable policy document, in a reasonable amount of time. Read on...

Security for the Wireless Network

From businesses and homes to public spaces, it's easier than ever to work using Wi-Fi connections. Wi-Fi is convenient and cost-effective, but wireless networks' security implications can quickly nullify any benefits that they may offer: a business working with sensitive or private information and operating on an insecure network can open itself up to serious litigation in the event of a security breach. This white paper examines common wireless security controls, current hacker tricks, and recent legislative responses to Internet crime. And so you're not left up the wireless security creek, we give you specific steps you can take to avoid the risks. Read on...


了解并阻止新的僵尸网络 (以及如何应对)

僵尸网络被广泛认为是网络安全的头号威胁。本白皮书解释了传统的僵尸网络如何工作,并且把固有的僵尸网络模式与 2007 年以来首次出现惊人变种并持续演化的僵尸网络进行对比。僵尸网络的例子包括 Zunker、Gozi、Storm、MayDay,以及一种帮助僵尸主机轻易创建恶意网站的工具 Mpack。在解释了新型变种危害更甚的原因之后,本白皮书总结了关于防御对策的建议。 下载 153kb PDF

中小型公司数据安全的 10 大威胁

在现实环境中最常发生何种类型的数据泄露?经过 CISSP 认证的 WatchGuard 安全分析师 Scott Pinzon 将在此白皮书中从大量实践和务实的角度进行阐述。本文列举了数据泄露的十大常见途径,以及实用技术和防御对策。 下载 129kb PDF


Les 10 plus grandes menaces pour la sécurité des PME (et ce qu'il faut faire)

Pour avoir un point de vue avisé sur les menaces qui pèsent le plus sur les données dans le monde réel, lisez ce livre blanc rédigé par Scott Pinzon, CISSP, un analyste expérimenté de WatchGuard. Vous y trouvez les dix menaces les plus courantes, avec des moyens de défense et des techniques pratiques pour les contrecarrer. Télécharger 52kb PDF

Comprendre et bloquer les nouveaux botnets

Les botnets sont généralement considérés comme la plus grande menace pour la sécurité des réseaux. Le livre blanc Understanding and Blocking New Botnets vous présente leur mode de fonctionnement traditionnel et compare ce modèle établi aux botnets innovants qui ont fait leur apparition en 2007 et continuent à évoluer. Vous y trouverez des exemples connus comme Zunker, Gozi, Storm, MayDay et même un kit appelé Mpack, qui aide les botmasters à créer des sites web malveillants. Après vous avoir expliqué pourquoi les dernières innovations rendent les bots plus dangereux que jamais, ce livre blanc vous propose des moyens de défense. Télécharger 36kb PDF


Was ist BYOD?

BYOD ist die Abkürzung von 'Bring your own device' und beschreibt das Phänomen von Angestellten und Gästen, die ihre eigenen tragbaren Systeme und Computer mit dem Unternehmensnetzwerk verbinden. Dies geschieht in Unternehmen jeder Größe und bringt einzigartige Risiken mit sich. BYOD steht auch für die Konsumerisierung der IT und zeigt die Probleme, die IT-Administratoren sehen, wenn Endverbrauchersysteme Zugriff auf die Netzwerke nehmen anstelle der verwalteten, kontrollierten und gesicherten Unternehmenssysteme wie früher. Dieses Whitepaper beschreibt die treibenden Marktkräfte hinter dem BYOD-Phänomen, die Herausforderungen an Unternehmen, einen strategischen Entwurf zum Management von BYOD und wie WatchGuard hilft, eine sichere BYOD-Umgebung zu schaffen. Download 123kb PDF

Sicherheit in virtuellen Umgebungen

WatchGuard stellt mit den Produktreihen XTMv und XCSv neue Lösungen vor, die exakt die Sicherheitsanforderungen von Cloud-Umgebungen adressieren - sowohl im Bereich UTM als auch hinsichtlich der Content Security. Die bisherigen Erfahrungen und gewonnenen Erkenntnisse sollen es Unternehmen jeder Branche und Größe nun erleichtern, die Virtualisierungsaktivitäten im eigenen Haus auf ein (zukunfts-)sicheres Fundament zu stellen. Lesen sie mehr dazu in diesem Whitepaper. Download 96kb PDF

Die Kontrolle zurück gewinnen: Sicherheit steigern, Zugang zu Applikationen erlauben und dabei das Unternehmen schützen

Während die Arbeitnehmer mit neuen und kreativen Zugängen das Web nutzen, kämpfen die Unternehmen damit, die Kontrolle über das Unternehmensnetzwerk zu behalten. Gleichzeitig müssen sie sicherstellen, dass Mitarbeiter, Geschäftspartner und andere Akteure auf relevante Funktionalitäten sicher zugreifen können. Applikationen drängen in unüberschaubarer Anzahl ins Netz und täglich kommen weitere dazu. Verkompliziert wird diese Entwicklung durch die Tatsache, dass „gute“ von „bösen“ Applikationen nicht mehr klar unterschieden werden können. Einige der Applikationen wurden für Business-Zwecke konzipiert und sind darauf ausgelegt, Sicherheitsrisiken zu minimieren und die Produktivität zu maximieren. Am anderen Ende der Palette stehen Applikationen, die Daten stehlen, Computer beschädigen und die Netzwerkaktivitäten unterbrechen. Eine Vielzahl an Applikationen fällt in den Graubereich zwischen diesen beiden Extremen. Wir zeigen wieso es sich für Unternehmen lohnt genauer in den Webverkehr zu schauen und damit Ihre Sicherheit deutlich zu erhöhen. Download 197kb PDF

Beim Spam-Schutz gilt:1 + 1 = 3

Das vermehrte Auftreten von Spam stellt Unternehmen jeder Größenordnung heutzutage vor enorme Herausforderungen. Die Masse dieser Inhalte ist durchaus in der Lage, wichtige Kapazitäten im Unternehmen zu binden – in personeller wie informationstechnischer Hinsicht. Ein aktueller Bericht von CommTouch zeigt, dass der Anteil von Spam-Nachrichten im täglichen E-Mail-Verkehr im Durchschnitt bei über 80 Prozent liegt. Deswegen kommt dem effektiven Spam-Schutz entscheidende Bedeutung zu. Hier bietet die Kombination von XTM und XCS einen enormen Mehrwert: Neben den vielfältigen Einzelfunktionalitäten der eingesetzten Threat-Management- und Content-Security-Lösung profitieren die Anwender insbesondere von einer maximalen Spam-Abwehr, wenn die leistungsstarken Möglichkeiten beider Plattformen sinnvoll ineinander greifen. Download 95kb PDF

Top 10 Bedrohungen der Datensicherheit bei KMUs (und was man dagegen tun kann)

In diesem White Paper stellt unser langjähriger Sicherheitsanalyst Scott Pinzon, CISSP, in gewohnt sachlicher und fachlicher Art und Weise die zehn häufigsten Bedrohungen für die Datensicherheit bei KMUs sowie wirksame Abwehrmaßnahmen vor. Download 61kb PDF

Neue Botnets verstehen und blockieren

Botnets gelten als die größte Bedrohung der Netzwerksicherheit. Dieses White Paper beschreibt ihre Entstehung und zieht einen Vergleich zwischen dem etablierten Modell und den sich ständig weiterentwickelnden, ausgereiften Innovationen aus dem Jahre 2007. Zu den aufgeführten Beispielen gehören Botnets wie Zunker, Gozi, Storm, MayDay sowie ein unter dem Namen Mpack bekannter Kit, mit dem Botmaster auf einfache Weise bösartige Websites erstellen können. Das Dokument schließt mit einer Erläuterung des Gefährdungspotenzials aktueller Botnet-Modelle sowie einer Liste mit effektiven Abwehrmaßnahmen. Download 36kb PDF


Le 10 principali minacce alla sicurezza dei dati delle PMI (e che cosa fare per proteggersi)

Per un'analisi seria e competente di quali tipi di compromissioni di dati si verificano effettivamente con maggiore frequenza, vi invitiamo a leggere questo white paper di Scott Pinzon, CISSP, security analist di WatchGuard. Il white paper elenca i dieci più comuni vettori della compromissione dei dati e le relative tecniche e difese intese a contrastare ciascun singolo vettore. Scarica 54kb PDF

Comprendere e bloccare i nuovi botnet

I botnet sono largamente considerati il più grande pericolo per la sicurezza delle reti. Il white paper approfondisce la modalità di funzionamento tradizionale dei botnet e quindi mette a confronto il modello di azione consolidato con le sorprendenti innovazioni dei botnet emerse nel corso del 2007 e tuttora in evoluzione. Gli esempi descrivono i botnet noti come Zunker, Gozi, Storm, MayDay e un kit conosciuto con il nome Mpack che consente agli hacker di realizzare con facilità siti Web nocivi. Dopo avere spiegato perché le più recenti innovazioni emerse rendono i botnet una minaccia più seria che in passato, il white paper conclude indicando le contromisure da prendere per difendersi da queste minacce. Scarica 37kb PDF


SME 데이터 보안 관련 10대 위협 (및 대처법)

어떤 타입의 데이터 위험노출이 실제로 가장 자주 발생하는지 경험에서 나온 현실적인 관점을 알고 싶다면, 오랜 시간 WatchGuard의 보안 분석가로 일해온 Scott Pinzon, CISSP에 의해 작성된 기술백서를 읽어 보십시오. 데이터 위험노출의 가장 일반적인 10가지 매개체들을 열거하고, 그에 대응할 실용적 기술과 방어책을 제시합니다. 다운로드 227kb PDF



ダウンロード 222kb PDF


Definindo, Avaliando e Projetando uma Rede de Segurança Best-in-Class

As organizações que levam a sério a proteção de dados, a propriedade intelectual (PI) e a sua reputação exigem cada vez mais as melhores soluções (best-in-class) multi-camadas da categoria. Essas soluções centralizam os controles de segurança em um único dispositivo, melhorando o controle de TI da organização e simplificando o gerenciamento da segurança da rede. Baixe 474kb PDF

10 questões a serem feitas antes de compra uma solução anti-spam: WatchGuard vs. os outros

Uma solução anti-spam é um dos produtos de segurança mais importantes que você pode comprar para proteger tanto sua rede quanto a produtividade de sua empresa. Existem muitos produtos de anti-spam no mercado. Como escolher o produto certo com melhor custo/benefício para seu ambiente? Leia este guia rápido com as questões que você deveria fazer antes de utilizar seu talão de cheques! Baixe 53kb PDF

As Dez Maiores Ameaças de Segurança nas Empresas de Pequeno e Médio Porte (e o que fazer em relação a elas)

Para uma perspectiva realista e madura sobre quais tipos de dados ficam mais frequentemente comprometidos no mundo real, leia essa artigo elaborado pelo experiente analista de segurança da WatchGuard, Scott Pinzon, CISSP. Ele lista os dez mais comuns vetores de comprometimento de dados, com técnicas práticas e defesas para contra-atacar cada vetor. Baixe 53kb PDF

Entendendo e Bloqueando os Novos Botnets

Botnets são, hoje, considerados como a maior ameaça em segurança de rede. Esse trabalho explica como os botnets tradicionalmente trabalham; posteriormente ele contrasta o modelo estabelecido com as surpreendentes inovações que surgiram em 2007 e continuam a evoluir. Exemplos descrevem botnets conhecidos como Zunker, Gozi, Storm, MayDay, e um pacote conhecido como Mpack que ajuda botmasters criarem, facilmente, websites maliciosos. Depois de explicar por que as últimas inovações fazem os Botnets uma ameaça mais séria do que nunca, o trabalho conclui sugerindo medidas defensivas. Baixe 36kb PDF


Definiendo, Evaluando y Diseñando la Mejor Red de Seguridad en su clase

En un panorama de amenazas en evolución, las organizaciones de todos los tamaños encuentran cada vez más difícil evitar una brecha de seguridad o pérdida de datos. Muchos recurren a gestiones de soluciones de seguridad muti-capas, pero no todas las soluciones son iguales. Descubra cómo WatchGuard aprovecha los poderosos servicios de seguridad mejor en su clase, desarrollados por los principales especialistas en seguridad de la industria para una verdadera defensa en protección a fondo. Download 536kb PDF

Vuelva a Tener el Control:
Aumente la Seguridad, Empodere a los Empleados, Proteja el Negocio

Así como los trabajadores encuentran nuevas y creativas maneras de utilizar la red, las organizaciones se esfuerzan por mantener el control de la red corporativa mientras empoderan a los empleados, socios de negocios y otros interesados con acceso a funcionalidades críticas. Una asombrosa cantidad de nuevas aplicaciones han emergido y su número aumenta diariamente. El asunto empieza a ser complicado por el hecho de que considerar una aplicación como "buena" o "mala" ya no es una cuestión tan sencilla. Algunas aplicaciones están destinadas únicamente con propósitos del negocio y son cuidadosamente diseñadas para minimizar los riesgos de seguridad y maximizar la productividad. Del otro lado encontramos el riesgo de aplicaciones programadas para robar información, corromper computadores o interrumpir la actividad de la red. Una gran variedad de aplicaciones caen en esta área gris entre estos dos extremos. Download 451kb PDF

10 preguntas que hacer antes de adquirir una solución anti-spam
WatchGuard® Vs. La Competencia

Una solución de anti-spam es uno de los productos de seguridad más importantes que se pueda adquirir para proteger, tanto su red como la productividad de la organización. Hay una gran cantidad de productos anti-spam en el mercado. Cómo seleccionar el producto apropiado, con el precio justo para su ambiente? Lea esta guía rápida con las preguntas que debería hacer antes de utilizar la chequera! Download 243kb PDF

Las 10 principales amenazas a la seguridad de los datos en las PyMEs (Y qué hacer al respecto)

Para tener una perspectiva madura y sensata acerca de qué tipos de compromisos que afectan a los datos se dan más a menudo en el mundo real, lea este white paper de Scott Pinzon, un CISSP que desde hace mucho tiempo es analista de seguridad en WatchGuard. Aquí se enumeran los diez vectores más comunes de compromiso de datos, con técnicas prácticas y defensas para contrarrestar cada uno. Download 51kb PDF

Entendiendo y bloqueando los nuevos botnets

Los botnets son ampliamente reconocidos como la amenaza principal a la seguridad de las redes. Este paper explica cómo los botnets han funcionado tradicionalmente y luego contrasta el modelo establecido con las asombrosas innovaciones en botnets surgidas en el 2007 y que continúan evolucionando. Los ejemplos describen botnets como Zunker, Gozi, Storm, MayDay y un kit conocido como Mpack que ayuda a los botmasters a crear fácilmente sitios web maliciosos. Luego de explicar por qué las últimas innovaciones hacen de los bots una amenaza más seria que nunca, el paper concluye sugiriendo contramedidas defensivas. Download 320kb PDF

Application Control
Take Back Control of Your Network

Application visibility and control is critical to the health of your network and your business. Learn how Application Control from WatchGuard makes enforcing acceptable use policies simple.

10 Questions to Ask Before Buying an Anti-spam Solution
10 Questions to Ask Before Buying an Anti-spam Solution

With so many anti-spam products on the market, how can you be sure you're getting the best solution for your business network? Find out the right questions to ask.