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Technical Briefs

Next-Generation Firewall in a Citrix and Terminal Services World

Traditional firewalls cannot differentiate which individual user traffic is traversing the central XenApp server. WatchGuard’s next-generation network security lets you harness the benefits of a Citrix XenApp and Terminal Services environment, while providing the complete visibility and control you need to stay protected. Read the technical brief and discover how to eliminate security blind spots with WatchGuard solutions. Read on... (155kb PDF)

Clustering and Queue Replication:
How WatchGuard® XCS Provides Fully Redundant Messaging Security

WatchGuard® XCS appliances include unique, native features and functionalities that support multiple levels of redundancy. This technical brief explains these four types of redundancy that must be included when developing a totally redundant messaging infrastructure. Read on... (485kb PDF)

When Data Loss Prevention Is Not Enough:
Secure Business Communications with Email Encryption

Businesses can now have enterprise-class email encryption without the high cost and complexity typically associated with stand-alone encryption products. Find out more about this innovative encryption subscription for WatchGuard XCS appliances and how it streamlines the encryption process for sender and as well as email recipient. Read on... (371kb PDF)

Stop Cyber-Bullying in its Tracks - Protect Schools and the Workplace

Technology opened the way for today's epidemic of cyber-bullying. Now it can be used to stop it. Learn how the email and web content analysis capabilities of WatchGuard XCS security solutions work to keep cyber-bullying off school and business networks. Read on... (582kb PDF)

High Availability in XTM FireCluster Ensures Network Uptime

No single feature in the network's security topology does more to protect business continuity than implementing a high availability pairing of security appliances. When clustering capabilities are included, the benefits increase substantially. This paper looks at WatchGuard XTM's FireCluster technology and how it delivers the redundancy and scalability business networks require. Read on... (217kb PDF)

Blocking Skype Communication in Fireware® XTM 11.4

Read why Skype is such an evasive application, why it may be a risk to your network, and how you can identify and block Skype traffic with Fireware XTM 11.4. Read on... (98kb PDF)

Practical Advantages of Fireware® XTM for Hands-On IT Administrators

Take a look "under the hood" at the new XTM (extensible threat management) network security from WatchGuard. See the tangible benefits this new generation of security solutions offer. No hype – just concrete examples of XTM features and the advantages they deliver that you can evaluate against your current security needs. Find out why one well-known technology publication called the WatchGuard XTM firewall "a UTM firewall on steroids."
Read on... (219kb PDF)

Gateway AntiVirus

Read how WatchGuard's Gateway AntiVirus works in tandem with the built-in application layer content inspection of its XTM firewalls to deliver powerful network protection. This paper explains signature techniques, heuristic analysis, the role of buffers in optimizing performance, and why you get more for your money with WatchGuard Gateway AV. Read on... (182kb PDF)

ActiveSync Configuration for WatchGuard SSL® 100 (SSL 3.0 only)

With ActiveSync, users get push functionality to keep email, calendar, tasks, and contacts up to date on a mobile device. It is possible to securely run ActiveSync over SSL through the WatchGuard SSL 100 appliance without having to install or start the Access Client on the mobile devices. To sync a mobile client it is necessary that an ActiveSync client is installed. Read on... (154kb PDF)

Application Control
Take Back Control of Your Network

Application visibility and control is critical to the health of your network and your business. Learn how Application Control from WatchGuard makes enforcing acceptable use policies simple.

10 Questions to Ask Before Buying an Anti-spam Solution
10 Questions to Ask Before Buying an Anti-spam Solution

With so many anti-spam products on the market, how can you be sure you're getting the best solution for your business network? Find out the right questions to ask.