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Radio Free Security

Radio Free Security logo Radio Free Security is a monthly podcast, dedicated to spreading knowledge about network and information security, to help busy IT administrators stay on top of the latest security threats they face online.

Record Breaking DDoS, Cracked Crypto, and ICS Honeypots [59.8mb ZIP]
4 April 2013

In our March episode, the LiveSecurity analyst team discusses two months worth of InfoSec news during our Security Story of the Month segment. We cover new weaknesses in a cipher associated with SSL and TLS, more zero day Java exploits, a severe sentence in a cyber security trial, the largest DDoS attack ever seen, and more. We also debut a funny, security-themed Thrift Shop parody song made by WatchGuard employees. So get comfy, adjust your volume, and enjoy the show.

Running time: 1:08:17

Java 0day, UPnP Pwnage, and Red October [55.4mb ZIP]
6 February 2013

During this month's Security Story of the Month segment the LiveSecurity analyst team discusses the biggest InfoSec stories from January. Topics include wide-spread Java zero days, a nasty new advanced malware campaign called Red October, some industry-wide Universal Plug and Play vulnerabilities, and much more. Also stay tuned for What's Up With WatchGuard, where WatchGuard's XTM appliance product manager unveils some exciting new security hardware. Settle down, adjust your volume, and enjoy the show.

Running time: 1:02:14

WatchGuard's 2013 Security Predictions Unveiled [109.7mb ZIP]
19 December 2012

Last episode, we reviewed our 2012 security prediction results. This time we unveil WatchGuard's 2013 security predictions. They cover topics like life-threatening hardware hacks, mobile device pick-pockets, cyber strike-back, zombie browsers, and much more. Whether or not these predictions come true, the episode explores many real infosec trends that everyone, from the smallest consumer to the largest enterprise CSO, will face in 2013. Join us for a glimpse into the future of cyber security.

Running time: 2:02:56

2012 Prediction Review: Win or Fail? [76.6mb ZIP]
5 December 2012

We're nearing the end of the year, which means it's prediction time. In the first of two special episodes, the Radio Free Security team looks back at our 2012 security forecasts. Did our predictions for the year ring true, or were they epic fails? Join Corey Nachreiner and the co-hosts from the Security Story of the Month to find out. The discussion covers a bevy of topics, including mobile malware, APTs, BYOD, virtualization, location awareness, infrastructure attacks, and much more. Whether you're curious how our predictions did, or you just want to review the most relevant security issues from 2012, this episode is for you... And don't forget to join us next time, when we reveal our 2013 predictions.

Running time: 1:24:34

The Dirty Little Secret of Security Breaches [141.5mb ZIP]
1 November 2012

In October's Security Spotlight, Ben Brobak and Corey Nachreiner unveil the secret culprit for most security breaches. More importantly, they discuss firewall policy best practices that will help you avoid such breaches. Also, learn about WatchGuard's new RapidDeploy capability in an interview with Product Manager, Johnni Aguirre. Finally, we discuss cyber espionage accusations, new nation-state sponsored malware, and some major DDoS attacks in this episode's Security Story of the Month segment. We cover a lot in this episode, so sit down, relax, and enjoy the show.

Running time: 1:49:05

Cyber Attacks on Physical Infrastructure: Protecting SCADA and ICS Systems [95.4mb ZIP]
2 October 2012

Digital network attacks that can blow up generators, shut down power grids, or damage nuclear facilities seem like the stuff of science fiction. However, we currently live in a world where nation-states launch just such attacks against one another, and may escalate them in the future. In this episode, Nachreiner interviews an industry expert from Alstom Grid about SCADA and ICS systems, and the ramifications of digital attacks against physical infrastructure. Nachreiner also joins two other WatchGuard security experts to identify the Security Story of the Month. They talk about stolen digital certificates, Internet Explorer zero day, and a big network breach, to decide which story has the greatest ramifications for the industry. Join us for another exciting episode of Radio Free Security.

Running time: 1:15:37

Nation-state Malware, VMware Worms, and Java Zero Days [95.0mb ZIP]
5 September 2012

August's abbreviated episode includes an exciting Security Story of the Month segment and a trip down memory lane, with the Tip-o-matic 650. In this month's security news recap, Richard Gilmour, Christian Garland, and Corey Nachreiner highlight the most concerning security stories and incidents from August. The segment includes a new advanced persistent threat, some paradigm shifting malware, and a highly critical Java zero day vulnerability that attackers are exploiting in the wild. Be sure to listen for the latest defenses. We also dust off an old Tip-o-matic 650 clip. Listen to past Radio Free Security hosts share a few security best practices that are still relevant today. So grab a seat, get comfortable and click play.

Running time: 1:15:45

Blackhat & Defcon 2012: The Highlights [118.7mb ZIP]
2 August 2012

In July's Security Spotlight, guest host Ben Brobak interviews Corey Nachreiner about the most interesting briefings he attended at this year's Black hat security conference. They discuss the implications of some of these new threats and share security tips along the way. This episode's "Security Story of the Month" also shares a Blackhat and Defcon theme, with many of the biggest stories coming from these two popular security conferences. A roundtable of WatchGuard experts discuss NFC attacks, router rooting, and a serious problem with MS-CHAPv2 authentication. Tune in to learn all about Blackhat, Defcon, and the most important security news from July.

Running time: 1:30:09

Dissecting Flame: A Nation-State Cyber Espionage Threat [128.6mb ZIP]
3 July 2012

Ben and Corey discuss the Flame worm in this month's Security Spotlight. What does this malware do, how does it spread, and how can you protect yourself from this type of advanced attack. They also discuss the evidence suggesting that Flame is a government sponsered cyber attack, and what that means for the future of network and information security. Also stay tuned for the "Security Story of the Month," where the LiveSecurity team chat about the Linkedin breach, Apple's new security stance, and intellectual property swiping malware. For your latest dose of security news and education, listen to this month's episode.

Running time: 1:37:05

Getting Started with Application Control [75.9mb ZIP]
5 May 2012

In this month's Security Spotlight, Corey and Peter discuss Application Control; What is it? What can you do with it? And how do you get started? Learn how this powerful new security tool can increase your network visibility and control tenfold. Next, learn about the latest industry news during the "Security Story of the Month." Richard, Chris, and Corey discuss upcoming cyber legislation, paid security patches, and Android drive-by downloads. There's lots to learn, so be sure to listen in.

Running time: 1:00:00

Securing Your Servers in The Matrix [113.2mb ZIP]
30 April 2012

In this month's Security Spotlight, Corey chats with WatchGuard's Director of Product Management about the history of virtualization and its security ramifications. He also learns about WatchGuard's upcoming virtual security solutions. Next, listen in on the "Security Story of the Month," where Christian, Chris, and Corey talk about cyber legislation, big breaches, and a nasty Mac botnet. So sit down, relax, and enjoy the show.

Running time: 1:25:00

Securing Mobile Devices in a BYOD World [78.0mb ZIP]
30 Mar 2012

In this episode, we return to our regular format. During the first segment, Corey interviews guest expert, Dean Colpitts, to discuss practical ways IT administrators can manage and secure Mobile devices. Next up? The return of "The Security Story of the Month". Tim, Richard, and Corey explore three big security stories from the month, and decide which is the most important. Grab a hot beverage, get comfy, and check out this month's show.

Running time: 1:07:13

WatchGuard's 2012 Security Predictions [76.1mb ZIP]
2 Mar 2012

Last episode we looked back at WatchGuard's 2011 security predictions. Now it's time to look towards the future. Do you know what security threats and trends you should expect this year? If not, join Corey Nachreiner, Ben Brobak, and Tim Helming to find out. We'll cover many topics, from malware on app stores, to power plants with viruses. We'll also try to share a few security tips along the way. So grab a cup of joe, sit back, and enjoy the show.

Running time: 1:11:17

2011 Security Predictions in Review [64.0mb ZIP]
30 Jan 2012

Radio Free Security returns after two years radio silence! In this episode, Corey Nachreiner looks back at WatchGuard's 2011 security predictions with Tim Helming and Ben Brobak, to see how well - or how badly - we did. Topics covered include, Cyberwar, APTs, Facebook links, and more. Did we call the year correctly, and what did we learn from the results. Listen and find out.

Running time: 1:10:40

Getting ROI from Your Security Investments [61.8mb ZIP]
14 Apr 2009

In this double dose of Radio Free Security, Senior Network Security Analyst Corey Nachreiner, CISSP, and WatchGuard Trainer Nathan Buff talk about two months worth of security stories. Topics include; the latest zero day exploits, security problems plaguing Facebook, the latest Conficker updates, and the BBC's questionable use of a malicious botnet. Also, Gary Spiteri, a Sales Engineer for WatchGuard, shares a talk he heard about whether or not you can get ROI on your security expenditures. He shares some tips that should help you stretch your security budget in these tough economic times. Finally, we open our mailbag to answer WebBlocker questions posed by one of our listeners. Hosted by Corey Nachreiner, CISSP.

Running time: 1:08:10

Ten Myths of PCI Compliance [73.6mb ZIP]
26 Feb 2009

In the inaugural 2009 episode of Radio Free Security, Senior Network Security Analyst Corey Nachreiner, CISSP, and WatchGuard Trainer Nathan Buff talk about a huge industry data breach, a fast spreading worm with potential to become a botnet, and a broken cryptographic hash function. Nat Hillary, a Product Manager for WatchGuard, shares the top ten myths about PCI compliance, which may convince you that PCI compliance isn't as herculean a task as you might have feared. (Learn more about PCI at WatchGuard's Retail page). Finally, we open our mailbag to share some of our listeners' security predictions for 2009. Hosted by Corey Nachreiner, CISSP.

Running time: 1:21:13

Security Predictions for 2009 [67.3mb ZIP]
06 Jan 2009

Senior Network Security Analyst Corey Nachreiner, CISSP, and Information Security Analyst Scott Pinzon, CISSP, host their second annual Security Predictions episode. They assess and score the six predictions they made in December 2007 about 2008; issue several predictions of what will NOT happen in 2009; and predict six new trends to anticipate this year. Seth Fogie, a leading mobile malware researcher, guests. The wide-ranging discussion touches on such topics as IPv6, SSL/HTTPS, social networking, botnet innovations, cloud computing, mobile computing, cyber-legislation, cyber riots, DNS SEC, eating crow, and much more. Music by Hardly Art.

Running time: 1:04:29

Vigilantes, ISPs, and the KGB [48.4mb ZIP]
02 Dec 2008

Senior Network Security Analyst Corey Nachreiner, CISSP, details the happy results of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) shutting down, but he questions the methods used. Danny McPherson, Vice President and CSO of Arbor Networks, discusses some surprising findings in his annual Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report, which details what the largest Internet data carriers worry about. Oleg Kalugin, former Major General in the Soviet KGB, details how Russia bugged the US Senate, the Foreign Relations Committee, Henry Kissinger, and even Kissinger's fiancee. Hosted by Scott Pinzon, CISSP.

Running time: 48:48

Anti-Social Networking [38.1mb ZIP]
05 Nov 2008

WatchGuard trainers answer a network administrator's question about how to lock down a high school's network. Greek researcher Elias Athanasopoulos explains how social networking sites such as Facebook could be easily transformed into "Facebots" that sustain Denial of Service attacks against targets on the Web. WatchGuard introduces a new wireless bridge to help you securely connect to the Internet via 3G. Corey Nachreiner, CISSP, discusses security trends, and in his Security Story of the Month, covers the worst Microsoft vulnerability in two years. Hosted by Scott Pinzon, CISSP.

Running time: 48:16

Latest Phishing Trends [38.2mb ZIP]
06 Oct 2008

Dave Piscitello, Senior Security Technologist for ICANN and a member of the Anti-Phishing Workgroup (APWG), describes how scam artists utilize second-level domain names to make it harder for authorities to take down scam web sites. Mark Waldstein and Scott Pinzon, CISSP, discuss security trends, including a TCP/IP stack vulnerability rumored to potentially take down the Internet. And a new segment called "Geek to Geek" spotlights a barbershop quartet that sings about Star Trek. Hosted by Scott Pinzon, CISSP.

Running time: 35:20

Son of the Tip-O-Matic [33.3mb ZIP]
09 Sep 2008

In his Security Story of the Month, Corey Nachreiner, CISSP, describes the compromise of Best Western Hotels in Germany, and why it is not "the greatest cyberheist in history," as the Glasgow Sunday Herald claimed. Mark Waldstein joins the show and discovers the Tip-O-Matic, which dispenses tips on EULAs, backups, and security by obscurity. The world of network security moves so fast that major events happened after we recorded our first two segments at the end of August, so Scott Pinzon finishes with updates from Sept. 8. Hosted by Scott Pinzon, CISSP.

Running time: 32:36

Firebox Special: We Have Seen the Future, and It's XTM [22.9mb ZIP]
15 Aug 2008

In this month's episode, VP of Marketing Eric Aarrestad discusses WatchGuard's roadmap in the coming year - the release of XTM, or "Extensible Threat Management" products. Also, Tech Support Team Lead Ben Brobak returns to answer the latest hot-potato questions coming into our Support call center.

Running time: 23:55

The Disgruntled Episode [37.7mb ZIP]
01 Aug 2008

Two disgruntled men figured prominently in the news last month. Corey Nachreiner, CISSP, considers what lessons we can learn from engineer Terry Childs, who locked the City of San Francisco out of its own multi-million-dollar fiberWAN network. The CyberCrime Diaries segment answers the question, "Why don't the authorities stop cybercriminals?" by relating the five-year quest to convict spam king Robert Soloway. Hosted by Scott Pinzon, CISSP.

Running time: 40:03

Firebox Special: DNS Cache Poisoning [42.2mb ZIP]
16 Jul 2008

In this month's episode, Radio Free Security's Scott Pinzon and Corey Nachreiner, both CISSPs, analyze the recent news of a potential "DNS cache poisoning" scare. They explain what it is, and how Firebox admins can counteract it. Then, Tech Support Team Lead Ben Brobak discusses the finer points of getting VPN tunnels going, and keeping them alive. Plus, "Crazy Mark" Romano returns with a sales promotion special deal.

Running time: 42:30

How They "Boldly Go" Break In [38.7mb ZIP]
02 Jul 2008

In his Security Story of the Month, Corey Nachreiner, CISSP, briefly touches on several topics, including hackers taking over a server related to Citibank; poor disclosure at online catalog company Wards; and an embarrassing hijacking of web sites belonging to IANA and ICANN. In Part 2, Corey explains why everyone should worry about two new Apple OS X Trojans. Jack Wiles, a pioneering physical penetration test team leader, reveals how he successfully broke into company after company, always undetected. Hosted by Scott Pinzon, CISSP.

Running time: 40:29

Firebox Special: Go Lean, Go Green [28.8mb ZIP]
15 Jun 2008

In this month's episode, Ian Kilpatrick of England's Wick Hill Group discusses how Europe is setting the pace for technology that is environmentally responsible - and how WatchGuard's UTM products lead the way. Also, Sandra Takeuchi introduces the new task-based Current Help pages on our web site, and technical trainer Matt Sando explains the differences between WatchGuard's two major SSL VPN solutions.

Running time: 33:30

Prevent Domain Hijacking [29.9mb ZIP]
05 Jun 2008

Corey Nachreiner, CISSP, explains how the newly announced rootkit for Cisco IOS works, and what to do about it. Dave Piscitello of ICANN describes a hack where Comcast lost its domain names temporarily, and suggests preventive measures for any network administrator who manages domains. Hosted by Scott Pinzon, CISSP.

Running time: 35:20

Firebox Special: Report Manager, In Depth [25.3mb ZIP]
15 May 2008

In this month's episode, we take a deep dive into Report Manager, which was completely redesigned in Fireware Version Ten. We'll hear three perspectives on it -- from Product Manager Steve Fallin, Principal Developer Mark Hughes, and Technical Support Rep Greg Gilbraith. Find out why it was changed, and get tips on how to use the new version. Plus, you'll learn about WatchGuard's new localized support for Version Ten.

Running time: 28:00

No Such Thing as an iFrame Attack [22.7mb ZIP]
30 Apr 2008

Corey Nachreiner, CISSP, demystifies the workings of attacks that make legitimate web sites serve malicious software to their customers. Topics explained include SEO poisoning (sometimes called "Google cache corruption"); iFrames; and SQL injection performed against Active Server Pages. Professional hacker Johnny Long shares how his latest book helps feed children in Uganda. And Sandra Takeuchi shares the results of our April poll of listeners, setting the future direction for this podcast. Hosted by Scott Pinzon, CISSP.

Running time: 41:13

Firebox Special: Top Ten LiveSecurity Web Pages [35.0mb ZIP]
17 Apr 2008

This month, we tackle one big topic: Helping you navigate the LiveSecurity web site. What are the key resources to help LiveSecurity subscribers use our products, and where exactly are they located? Radio Free Security's host Scott Pinzon, CISSP, crosses over to the Firebox Special to give us the scoop on product documentation, broadcast preferences, user forums, support incident reporting, and more. And, in our ever-popular "Listener Mailbag" section, we hear what you think about our shows, and announce another lucky contest winner!

Running time: 33:40

How to Learn Network Security [48.8mb ZIP]
02 Apr 2008

A Very Special Episode: Welcome Newbies! This month's program is dedicated to new IT personnel who want to learn network security, but have almost no money or time. Fred Avolio, one of the inventors of the commercial firewall, recommends indispensable must-reads, the best conferences, forums to sign up for, and more. A mock quiz show, "The Network Security Beginner's Path of Truth," reveals basic principles of security. Mark Spivey, CISSP, explains how to get hands-on experience as a hacker, without hurting yourself or others. Answers to listener email questions leads to controversy about whether it's worthwhile to educate end-users on security. Hosted by Scott Pinzon, CISSP.

Running time: 51:15

Firebox Special: New Features, New Toys [33.5mb ZIP]
14 Mar 2008

In this episode, we introduce a brand-new appliance, the WatchGuard SSL VPN. Training expert Kyle Porter explains Single Sign-On authentication, a new feature in Version 10. Sales engineer Pete Adams describes how System Manager can be used when you have many different Fireboxes on your network. And we announce the winner of our Listener Mailbag contest!

Running time: 40:52

Safety, Safety, and More Safety [38.3mb ZIP]
27 Mar 2008

Online safety consultant and "white hat stalker" Linda Criddle of Look Both Ways describes how predators can grab information you thought was private. Scott Pinzon, CISSP, and Corey Nachreiner, CISSP, discuss alarming new trends in bots, including the "MayDay" botnet. Wireless network experts Lisa Phifer of Core Competence and Diana Kelley of Security Curve explain "evil twin" attacks - wireless access points that appear to be perfectly legitimate - and tell wifi users how to avoid them.

Running time: 40:52

Firebox Special: See Your Traffic [27.6mb ZIP]
14 Feb 2008

In this episode, sales engineer Pete Adams describes several features of System Manager that show you exactly what's happening on your network. Training experts Nathan Buff and Kyle Porter talk about the new Mobile VPN client designed to work with Vista. And we read your emails from our Listener Mailbag!

Running time: 28:20

Cutting through Compliance Clutter [36.3mb ZIP]
01 Feb 2008

A mysterious attack placed trojans on over 10,000 legitimate web sites, causing them to distribute malware to their customers. How was it done? Corey Nachreiner, CISSP, reports. Chris Squier, CISSP, gives practical advice on how to make sure your network complies with every regulation, legislation, and industry standard relevant to your organization. Digital forensics expert Dave Kleiman (CCE, ISSAP, MCSE, MVP) provides tips on how to "follow an intrusion across your Windows network," using low-cost and no-cost tools. Hosted by Scott Pinzon, CISSP.

Running time: 41:24

Firebox Special: Premiere Episode [24.4mb ZIP]
14 Jan 2008

In this first episode, tech support experts Nathan Buff and Kyle Porter give you fine tuning tips for remote authentication. Product managers Tim Helming and Tom Fischer preview of Fireware Version 10, launching soon. And we answer your cards and letters. How is that possible, in a premiere episode? Listen and find out!

Running time: 25:40

Security Predictions for 2008 [40.8mb ZIP]
02 Dec 2007

Scott Pinzon, CISSP, and Corey Nachreiner, CISSP, predict six developments in network security during 2008, covering topics such as international cyberwarfare, IPv6 adoption, OS X security, botnet trends, and more. Christopher Smith, WatchGuard Sales Engineer, explains what specific settings do to enhance security when using the Firebox's HTTP proxy. Roving correspondent Chris Squire, CISSP, offers "sympathy for the devil" in his lament about how hard the hacker's life has become.

Running time: 44:23

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