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Virtualized Security

Comprehensive Protection for Virtual Environments

Virtualization has transformed the way organizations of all sizes deliver IT services, and WatchGuard has gone beyond traditional security appliances to develop better ways of securing the virtual infrastructure. By extending the capabilities of our award-winning XTM and XCS products to the virtualized world, we can now deliver next-generation virtual protection that is reliable, affordable, and genuinely easy to use.

Virtualization Changes the Game for Security

Traditionally, network security has been based on perimeter enforcement – protecting the "inside" from the "outside" - with all traffic flowing over physical networks. Security was implemented by interposing physical devices into the network path. With virtualization, the fundamental paradigm has changed: new challenges arise when data can flow between different applications, divisions, or even companies without ever leaving the system or crossing a physical network path. WatchGuard's new virtualized security solutions meet these challenges head-on, making it possible to protect the "internal edges" of applications and organizations with increased agility and cost-effectiveness.

Securing Virtualization - by Virtualizing Security

The full UTM capabilities of WatchGuard XTM as well as the email, web, and data loss prevention power of WatchGuard XCS are available as downloadable virtual appliances that can be activated with a simple feature key So all organizations - companies of all sizes, educational institutions, government agencies, and service providers — can deploy high-throughput, multi-function protection from inbound threats including spam, viruses, phishing, spyware, and network attacks. And they can protect their valuable information assets from accidental or malicious data leakage. Best of all, they can choose editions of XTMv and XCSv virtual appliances to their network, email and web traffic needs, so they can get the best protection at the best price.

Multiple Customers - One Flexible Security Solution

Whether they offer public or private cloud services, traditional hosting and colocation, or managed security services, one thing is true for all service providers: their customers have different security needs, different policies, and different industry-specific vocabularies. Yet the service provider needs to offer those customized services efficiently, and manage them all from a common set of tools. WatchGuard's powerful management and reporting capabilities make it easy for ISPs and MSSPs to use the same tools to manage both physical and virtual security devices together, and to deploy them optimally to bring the best security for each customer, no matter their size, industry, or compliance requirements.

When we implemented XTMv in our lab, we were blown away by how right WatchGuard had gotten it! This fits our Multi-Tenancy models, and the needs of our clients who have HiPPA and SOX compliance challenges. The best part is, with WatchGuard's Virtual Appliances, we can meet multiple deployment and use requirements in the same vSphere cluster!

Todd A. Blank
Founder, YourColo LLC
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