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While en route from a sender to a recipient, an email message may pass through several waypoints across the world before reaching its intended destination. Each of those waypoint networks pass along the message in-the-clear, meaning your email, including attachments, is available for anyone to read and steal, much like mailing a postcard. A single weak link along this path, a criminal port sniffing your network, and many other situations may compromise the confidential information of a message and can potentially result in leakage and exposure of sensitive information. The consequences of this happening can be detrimental, including brand erosion, loss of customer confidence, financial repercussions, legal penalties, regulatory violations and fines, and public embarrassment.

So why hasn't your organization used email encryption? Probably for the same reason many others haven't - that outdated encryption technologies and cryptography don't scale, are not easy to use, and are costly to acquire and manage. With the emergence of third generation encryption technologies, however, this is no longer the case. Third generation of email encryption has surfaced in recent years and is now used by some of the largest corporations and government agencies in the world.

What Makes SecureMail Different?

The WatchGuard XCS SecureMail Email Encryption solution is tightly integrated into WatchGuard XCS email security physical appliances and WatchGuard XCSv email security virtual appliances to enable instant-on security for confidential, regulated and business-prudent communications. WatchGuard XCS SecureMail Email Encryption provides an easy-to-use, secure and cost-effective encryption solution for enterprises that do not want the burdens and costs associated with traditional encryption deployments and administration, but require message security for privacy and compliance.

The WatchGuard XCS SecureMail Email Encryption solution does not use clients or certificates so it does not require a pre-exchange of credentials, nor the burdens of older message encryption techniques such as Certificate Authorities, Open PGP, S/MIME and other client and certificate based systems that are costly and do not scale. Agnostic to the email and OS environment, XCS SecureMail Email Encryption allows encrypted messages to be sent to any email recipient at any time, and it can be securely delivered to mobile devices including Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, and Android.

WatchGuard XCS SecureMail Email Encryption solution is a valuable tool for:

  • Compliance regulations including HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, the PCI Data Security Standard, PIPEDA, California Senate Bill 1386 and other state data privacy laws, SEC regulations, US Federal employment standards, UK Data Protection Act, Safe Harbor Act and the EU Data Protection Directive
  • Intellectual property including financial statements, intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions, sales and marketing plans, human resources and legal agreements and correspondence
  • Privacy data including customer names, addresses, government ID numbers, credit card numbers, account numbers, pass codes, health and human services and human resources

To learn more about XCS SecureMail Email Encryption, read our Technical Brief.

E-mail and the web are the main vectors for malware and other electronic threats entering enterprise networks today. No company is immune to this problem, but the deployment of combined WAM (web and messaging) security solutions can drastically reduce the volume of these threats. WatchGuard's XCS 370 appliance targets the WAM security issue with a balance between price and performance geared towards mid-sized companies.

Phil Hochmuth
Program Manager for Security Products, IDC
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