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Stop Web Threats While
Boosting Performance

What if you could have stronger security and faster web performance without having to add a whole new box? With Reputation Enabled Defense, you can. WatchGuard is the only UTM solution on the market that offers web reputation defense as a fully integrated security subscription for all WatchGuard XTM appliances, protecting web users from malicious web pages while dramatically reducing web processing overhead.

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Get a 30-50% Web Processing Savings

Life with Reputation Enabled Defense is easy. Reputation scanning of a URL happens before your box does any AV scanning. If the URL's reputation is bad, the connection is dropped immediately. Likewise, if the URL's reputation is good, no AV scanning is necessary, allowing your UTM to focus on more important things.

Next-Generation Web Reputation
Relies on a powerful, cloud-based web reputation service that aggregates data from multiple feeds, including industry-leading anti-virus engines, for real-time protection from web threats.

Alleviates AV Processing
Traffic to URLs with a bad reputation will be blocked immediately, freeing up your box to do more important tasks instead of constant AV scanning. Tests show a reduction of up to 50% in antivirus processing.

Flexible Management
IT administrators use one interface to manage this subscription along with all other WatchGuard XTM security services. Reputation Enabled Defense can be managed with either the intuitive centralized console or the handy web UI for maximum flexibility.

Application Control
Take Back Control of Your Network

Application visibility and control is critical to the health of your network and your business. Learn how Application Control from WatchGuard makes enforcing acceptable use policies simple.

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