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Introducing WatchGuard XCSv, the virtualized solution for businesses that need to block dangerous email and web traffic, protect valuable data, and attain high levels of regulatory compliance.

XCSv delivers all of the email security, web security, and data loss prevention capabilities of WatchGuard's award-winning XCS product line. You can choose to deploy a mix of hardware and virtual appliances, managed from a common centralized management platform for unmatched deployment flexibility. Affordable pricing and a variety of packaging options allow organizations of all sizes – from small offices to large businesses and service providers – to safely take advantage of virtualization for maximum efficiency and cost-savings.

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Stop Accidental and Malicious Data Loss
Ensure that the content of outgoing email messages is in strict accord with your organization's confidentiality policies using sophisticated, built-in data loss prevention capabilities.

2-Minute DLP Wizard
Creating data loss prevention policies has never been easier. In a few simple steps, the wizard guides policy creation from definition to corrective actions to take. Includes compliance dictionaries, task lists, drop-down action menus, and more.

Block 98% of Threats & Spam at the Perimeter
WatchGuard ReputationAuthority is included with every XCSv appliance as a powerful first line of defense against unwanted and malicious inbound traffic. Optimize bandwidth and free your networks to process only legitimate, threat-free traffic.

Eliminate Security Gaps Across Email & Web with subscriptions
Eliminate security gaps without the need for additional hardware with an XCSv Web Security subscription. Unify inbound and outbound email and web protection on a single platform. Reduce web-based liabilities and enable web security features and enhancements for complete messaging security.

Email Encryption for Privacy and Compliance
Securely transmit and receive private and sensitive information with a SecureMail Email Encryption subscription and beat the high cost associated with most encryption technologies. Read our tech brief (371kb PDF) about how our Email Encryption subscription can help you.

Single Point of Administration
Centrally protect, control and manage bi-directional email traffic from a single management console. Ensure consistent application of policies across your global email network for stronger protection and simplified administration.

Support You Can Count On
All XCSv Editions include a subscription to LiveSecurity Plus for technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We're there for you when you need help!

Choice of Platform

XCSv is available as a virtual appliance for zero-install deployment on the most popular hypervisors, VMware vSphere Hypervisor and Microsoft Hyper-V. Deploy your email security where it has the most clout — in-line with your virtualized messaging and web servers.

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Application Control
Take Back Control of Your Network

Application visibility and control is critical to the health of your network and your business. Learn how Application Control from WatchGuard makes enforcing acceptable use policies simple.

10 Questions to Ask Before Buying an Anti-spam Solution
10 Questions to Ask Before Buying an Anti-spam Solution

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