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What's New in WatchGuard XCS 10.0

WatchGuard's newest XCS OS release delivers even greater effectiveness in protecting the network from data loss, new viruses, and malware, and enabling organizations to customize their WatchGuard XCS environments.

Here are just some of the enhancements XCS 10.0 has to offer:

  • IPv6 Support for Network Routing and Email Addressing. IPv6 addresses can now be assigned to any interface.*
  • XCSv on Hyper-V Support. This makes it possible for businesses leveraging Microsoft virtualization and cloud infrastructures to deploy their email and web security on the same virtual platform used to virtualize Exchange and web services.
  • Per-Domain Recipient Verification. You can now configure how to perform recipient verification based on the domain of the recipient.
  • Per-Policy Anti-Virus Options. You can now configure "Treat as Virus" anti-virus options on a per-policy basis.
  • SMTP Mail Submission on SMTP Port 587 (RFC 6409). When message submission is enabled, the system listens on SMTP port 587 in addition to port 25 for SMTP authenticated relay.
  • Outbound Anti-Spam. Use Spam Rules, Spam Words, and URL Block List Anti-Spam features to scan outbound mail for spam messages. In addition, Mail Surge Detection is configurable for outbound email.
  • Adaptive Default Anti-Spam Strategy. "Adaptive" is now the default Intercept Anti-Spam strategy. This strategy provides an excellent spam catch rate with a very low chance of false positives. When the system has trained a suitable amount of spam and legitimate mail, it adjusts its internal aggressiveness strategy accordingly.
  • Internationalization Support for OCF & Spam Words. Supports international languages when you use the Objectionable Content Filter (OCF) and Spam Words features to scan messages that use Unicode or other supported international character sets.
  • Pattern Match Counting. In the Pattern Filter and Content Rules features, you can now specify a Match Threshold that indicates the number of times a pattern must appear in the message before an action is performed.
  • Data Loss Prevention Wizard Updates. New rule types have been added to the Data Loss Prevention Wizard to provide greater coverage for magnetic track credit card types and national identification numbers.
  • Many additional bug fixes and minor enhancements have been included.

WatchGuard XCS 10.0 runs on all XCS hardware models and XCSv virtual appliance editions. Customers with an active LiveSecurity subscription can log in with their LiveSecurity credentials to download the 10.0 release.

Don't have an active LiveSecurity subscription for your XCS appliance? It's easy to renew. Contact your WatchGuard reseller today. Find a reseller »

*Access to external support servers (including signature updates, Reputation Enabled Defense, and Security Connection for software updates), as well as centralized management and clustering, do not support IPv6 at this time.

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