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XCS Web Security Subscription

WatchGuard XCS Web Security Subscription is available with all XCS appliance models to allow enterprises to unify email and web security and data loss prevention in a single solution. Extend your risk management boundary for a comprehensive solution to eliminate security gaps, enforce policies, and reduce total cost of ownership with a single point of administration across multiple protocols.

Web Security

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Block 98% of Web Threats at the Perimeter
WatchGuard ReputationAuthority is included to prevent web threats, blended threats, phishing attacks, inappropriate or bad reputation domains, and malware threats at the connection level. Improve the overall security and performance of your network and process only safe web traffic.

Zero-Hour Malware & Threat Outbreak Response
Stop virus and malware outbreaks in their tracks with the fastest zero-hour protection from new and emerging threats. Identify and block new outbreaks and prevent malware attacks in real-time, before they enter your network.

Control Web Usage Risks & Liabilities
Set granular policies for individuals and groups to restrict web liabilities and threats. Control how and what applications can be accessed or utilized for individuals and groups with acceptable use and application controls.

Dynamically Inspect Web Content for Stronger Protection
Bridge the web security gap from where URL filtering capabilities end. Dynamically inspect uncategorized web content with real-time content examination and analysis of websites to determine the risk level of each and every webpage as it attempts to enter your network.

Enhance Web Security & Performance
Reduce bandwidth consumption and server loads with critical web traffic enhancements for a less expensive, secured and better performing network.

Prevent Data Loss Across Web Channels
When adding the XCS Web Security Subscription, you extend your ability to prevent leakage or exposure of sensitive or confidential data-in-motion across web channels. Eliminate data loss gaps across email and web.

Application Control
Take Back Control of Your Network

Application visibility and control is critical to the health of your network and your business. Learn how Application Control from WatchGuard makes enforcing acceptable use policies simple.

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