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WatchGuard ReputationAuthority

WatchGuard ReputationAuthority blocks more than 98% of spam, malware, and emerging threats before they enter your network. ReputationAuthority is included with every XCS appliance for a powerful first line of defense against unwanted and malicious inbound traffic. By rejecting spam and web-based threats from reaching the network, you can optimize bandwidth and free your networks to process only legitimate, threat-free traffic. Learn more about XCS.

What is ReputationAuthority?

Aggregated Real-Time Intelligence
Offers proactive network that gathers data from deployed systems to identify malicious senders. Aggregates findings and relays alerts of newly discovered threats to all deployed XCS systems to reject future attacks in real-time for intelligent and proactive protection.

Next-Generation Technology
Next-generation adaptive identification techniques and behavioral analysis determine the reputation and risk level of email and web traffic trying to enter your network. Unique defense-in-depth approach and zero-hour capabilities provide real-time protection from new threats.

99.999% Accuracy Rate
Ensures accurate detection of spam and threats by intelligently and instantly combining hundreds of metrics about an IP before assigning a score with a 98% catch-rate and 99.999% accuracy.

Multi-Protocol Spam & Malware Protection
Protects from multi-protocol threats to defend email and web communications vectors from existing and emerging threats. Provides comprehensive protection across multiple protocols.

Increase Network Performance
Eliminates the burden of processing unfiltered email and web traffic, freeing your network for legitimate traffic processing.

Reduce Costs
With its powerful perimeter protection, ReputationAuthority reduces processing, bandwidth, storage and backup costs throughout your network.

Application Control
Take Back Control of Your Network

Application visibility and control is critical to the health of your network and your business. Learn how Application Control from WatchGuard makes enforcing acceptable use policies simple.

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