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Note: These products are no longer being sold and have been included here for comparison purposes only. Read our complete End-of-Life Policy for more information on product lifecycles.

WatchGuard Firebox X Core

Stronger Security for Growing Businesses

Firebox X Core - Fully Model Upgradeable

Firebox® X Core™, our flagship line of Unified Threat Management appliances, gives you strong protection from the moment you turn it on. Powerful, yet easy to configure and manage, it inspects traffic flowing into your network at multiple layers to proactively block DoS and DDoS attacks, viruses, spam, worms, spyware, trojans, and blended threats without relying on signatures for true Zero Day protection.

Fully model-upgradeable, the Firebox X Core lets you easily increase performance, capacity, and security networking functions as your needs grow. Add popular security services such as gateway antivirus, intrusion prevention, anti-spyware, spam blocking, and URL filtering with the purchase and activation of simple license keys.

Upgrade to Fireware Pro

Every Firebox® X Core™ model integrates:

  • Dynamic stateful packet firewall
  • Virtual Private Networking (VPN)
  • Intelligent Layered Security (ILS) for Zero Day protection
  • Gateway antivirus (optional)
  • Intrusion prevention (optional)
  • Anti-spyware
  • URL filtering (optional)
  • Spam blocking (optional)
  • Fireware® Pro advanced operating system (optional)
  • Managed desktop antivirus protection
  • WatchGuard® System Manager (WSM)
  • 90-day renewable LiveSecurity® Service subscription

Firebox® X2500

For medium-sized businesses or distributed enterprises requiring more throughput, concurrent sessions, and users and VPN licenses. Provides scalable security with expandable features and services, intuitive controls, and higher performance.

Firebox® X1000

For medium-sized businesses that require a multi-layered security solution, remote connectivity, greater throughput, full model upgradeability, expandable features and services, and expert guidance and support.

Firebox® X700

For small businesses and branch offices needing an integrated security appliance that grows with their business. Provides exceptional protection, full model upgradeability, expandable features and services, intuitive user interface, and expert guidance and support.

Firebox® X500

For small businesses that need an integrated security appliance with strong protection, full model upgradeability, expandable features and services, intuitive user interface, and expert guidance and support.

Firebox® X Core Delivers

Unified Threat Management
Firebox X Core integrates a powerful combination of stateful packet firewall, VPN, Zero Day attack prevention, gateway antivirus, intrusion prevention, anti-spyware, URL filtering, and spam blocking into a single appliance, reducing the time and cost associated with managing multiple-point solutions.

Advanced OS
WatchGuard Firebox System (WFS) ships standard on the Firebox X Core. More complex network environments may want to upgrade to the Fireware Pro advanced operating system for:

  • Greater control
    Granular control of attachments coming into the network provides the ability to allow file types and location by URL, so threats are stopped while key operations are not interrupted
  • Multi-WAN load sharing and interface failover
    Allows up to four ISP connections to distribute traffic and provide failover, increasing performance and uptime
  • Traffic management and prioritization
    Ensures that business-critical applications get the bandwidth they need
  • Port independence
    Any port can be configured as External, Optional (DMZ), or Internal (Trusted)
  • High availability (Active/Passive)
    Offers redundancy to a standby appliance
  • Dynamic routing (BGP, OSPF, RIP)
    Maximizes network flexibility, redundancy, and efficiency by dynamically updating routing tables

Intelligent Layered Security

  • Powerful, proactive protection
    Scans traffic to identify and block malicious threats including viruses, worms, spyware, trojans, spam, and blended threats
  • Zero Day protection
    Anything that does not conform to standard Internet protocols, behaviors, and patterns is identified and stopped, keeping you protected from emerging threats during the window of vulnerability when signatures are not yet available
  • Optimized for better performance
    Keeps data flowing smoothly and efficiently through the network using cooperative communication between multiple security layers
  • Blocks attack sources
    Hosts exhibiting suspicious behavior, such as port scans and Denial of Service attacks, are identified and added to the blocked sites list. Future traffic from these sources is automatically blocked
  • Cloaks the network
    Hides your network services from hackers scanning for exploitation opportunities

Intuitive User Experience with WatchGuard® System Manager 8.x

  • Smart defaults
    Pre-defined smart defaults in WatchGuard System Manager mean that your security is ensured from the moment you turn on your Firebox
  • Tools to make customization easy
    Easily configure Firebox® X Core™ to meet your specific business needs with features such as drag-and-drop VPN creation, intuitive wizards, and flexible security policies
  • Interactive real-time monitoring and comprehensive reporting
    You will know what's happening in your security system at all times and can take immediate preventive or corrective action

Security Services
Expand and extend protection with security services, including:

  • Gateway AntiVirus/Intrusion Prevention Service with anti-spyware
    Provides robust protection against e-mail-borne threats, spyware, Web-based exploits, and blended threats. Controls IM and P2P usage. Learn more about Gateway AV/IPS.
  • WebBlocker URL filtering
    Blocks malicious Web sites, protecting organizations from increased legal liability, lost productivity, and bandwidth depletion. Learn more about WebBlocker.
  • spamBlocker
    The industry's best at distinguishing legitimate communications from spam attacks in real time, blocking up to 97% of unwanted e-mail. Learn more about spamBlocker.

Model Upgradeability and Expandability

  • Upgradeable
    Upgrade to any higher model within the line with a simple license key as your performance requirements increase
  • Expandable
    Use license keys to easily add features and capabilities as needed, including Gateway AntiVirus for E-mail and URL filtering
  • Advanced OS
    Upgrade to Fireware Pro, our advanced operating system for more demanding networks

» Learn more about Fireware® Pro.
» Easily upgrade your Firebox X Core. View diagram.

Expert Guidance and Support
Firebox X Core is backed by our LiveSecurity® Service, the most comprehensive support and maintenance offering in the industry, providing:

  • Up-to-the-minute security warnings
  • Software updates
  • Technical support
  • Advance hardware replacement
  • Training, tutorials, and self-help resources

» Access to Expert Guidance and Support