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Extensible Threat Management Appliances

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Comparison Charts

NOTE: Specs are for Firebox X e-Series appliances running Fireware XTM (v11 or above). Specs may be different for same models using earlier operating systems.

Firebox x6500e
WatchGuard® Model   Firebox® X6500e
Ideal For This product is no longer being sold and has been included here for comparison purposes only.         
Model Upgradeable Model Upgradeable         
Interfaces 8: 10/100/1000         
Application Proxies HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, FTP, DNS, TCP, POP3, SIP, H.323         
Intrusion Prevention (DOS, DDOS, PAD, port scanning, spoofing attacks, address space probes, and more) X         
Wireless Models Only N/A         
User Authentication with transparent Windows authentication X         
Firewall Throughput 2.3 Gbps         
VPN Throughput 600 Mbps         
AV Throughput          
IPS Throughput          
Concurrent Sessions*
VPN Tunnels
Branch Office VPN Tunnels (Max.) 750         
Mobile VPN with SSL/L2TP (Incl/Max) 4000/4000         
Mobile VPN with IPSec Client Licenses (Bundled) 400         
Mobile VPN with IPSec Tunnels (Max.) 600         
VPN Authentication X         
Optional Centralized (Multibox) Management. Optional licenses enable Drag and Drop VPN and one-touch appliance updates. 4-device WatchGuard System Manager license included with purchase. Appliances activated online receive an automatic 5-device bonus pack.         
Networking Features
Dynamic NAT X         
Static NAT X         
One to One NAT X         
VLAN 200         
Policy-Based Routing X         
WAN Failover X         
Multi-WAN Load Balancing X         
Server Load Balancing X         
Traffic Management/QoS X         
High Availability Active/Active or Active/Passive X         
Dynamic Routing X         
VoIP (SIP and H.323) Support X         
Additional Security Subscriptions
LiveSecurity® Service 90-Day or 1-Year Initial Subscriptions Available         
Application Control Optional  Optional       
APT Blocker Optional  Optional       
Data Loss Prevention Optional  Optional       
Gateway AntiVirus Optional  Optional       
Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS) Optional  Optional       
Reputation Enabled Defense Optional  Optional       
spamBlocker with Virus Outbreak Detection Optional  Optional       
WebBlocker with HTTPS URL filtering Optional  Optional       

*Concurrent sessions here represent the number of bi-directional connections.

Throughput rates are determined using multiple flows through multiple ports and will vary depending on environment and configuration. Contact your WatchGuard reseller or call WatchGuard directly for help determining the right model for your network.

For more information on WatchGuard® security products, call us at 1.800.734.9905 (United States and Canada) or +1.206.613.0895 (international), or contact a WatchGuard Reseller near you.

Application Control
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