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Free! Improve your users' e-mail safety with ClickAware™

ClickAware helps you monitor and enhance your network users' security awareness. Using ClickAware, you easily mock up a harmless e-mail that looks just like viral e-mails circulating today. Send it to anyone in your domain — an individual, a distribution list, or everyone. If a user clicks its attachment, instead of getting a virus, he or she gets a friendly message explaining why unexpected e-mail attachments can't be trusted. Behind the scenes, the program aggregates the total number of click-throughs for your eyes only, revealing how many users fell for the bait.

How Does It Help?

ClickAware provides an easy way for you to measure whether your security-awareness efforts have improved your users' actual behavior. Use ClickAware periodically to capture a trend, by comparing the number of "victims" to the previous times you've sent a ClickAware e-mail. You control how many people within your domain receive your ClickAware email, so you can make the results as anonymous or as specific as you want.

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Why Is ClickAware™ Free?

If you have problems training your users to not open viral e-mail attachments, you're not alone. WatchGuard surveyed hundreds of IT administrators in 2004, and found that:

  • Only seven percent of IT managers reported their users obey security policies "to the letter."
  • More than three-fourths (79 percent) indicated that a virus has successfully penetrated their network defenses at least once in the past year.
  • Almost half of IT managers believe that opening an unknown attachment is the most serious security offense their users commit.

These results indicate a problem that is better solved by education than by technology. In support of National Cyber-Security Awareness month, WatchGuard wants to help you train your users in safe e-mail habits.

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