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Social Media Release:
What Every HR Manager Should Know About Security

SEATTLE (March 31, 2011) – WatchGuard Technologies

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Not only do today's next generation security systems defend networks, applications and data, but they also illuminate extensive details about their employees. Because of legal, regulatory and compliance issues, every HR manager should have a solid understanding of their IT policies and security reporting capabilities. In doing so, they should:

Improve Communication Between HR and IT: Because of the wealth of information that resides within IT systems, and in particular company firewalls and content security appliances, now more than ever, HR managers need to work closely with IT management. By doing so, HR managers can gain fast and effective insight into potential employee issues before they escalate into full-blown problems.

Leverage Firewall Reports: Firewalls record and report key information that every HR should access. Today, firewall reports are rich with data that can quickly show:

Utilize Application Control: Here is where HR and IT need to be on the same page. For example, Application Control technologies now allow businesses to manage Web applications so that some in an organization can access Web applications, such as Facebook, but limit it so that none can play embedded games, such as Mafia Wars. With HR and IT in concert on use of web applications, policy enforcement becomes much easier and effective.

Combat Data Loss: Similar to Application Control, business policies about Data Loss Prevention (DLP) should be shared between HR and IT. Content security appliances can generate both context and content aware policies and reports to reduce the risk of confidential, financial or other unauthorized data leaving the organization. If it does, HR should be involved.


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