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WatchGuard Notes Worst Offending Security Reputations

SEATTLE (November 23, 2010) – WatchGuard Technologies

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Online threats directly relate to IP Reputations – WatchGuard security analysts see increasing complexity and expanding globalization of IT threats. In particular, threat developers are leveraging the web’s dynamic nature to foster and distribute new threat from around the world.

Because of this, WatchGuard recommends businesses adopt "reputation" services as part of their multilayered security posture. Reputation services leverage in-the-cloud systems that aggregate data from multiple feeds, including industry-leading anti-virus engines, for real-time protection against web threats. By utilizing reputation services, businesses can mitigate threats before they ever hit their network.

The following are recent data points provided by WatchGuard ReputationAuthority that illustrate what a WatchGuard Reputation Enabled Defense stops:


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About WatchGuard ReputationAuthority
WatchGuard ReputationAuthority is the world's most effective reputation service for email and web security, providing critical protection and a better performing network to businesses, government organizations, ISPs, and other security vendors. It stands alone for protecting organizations as the first and only third-generation, zero-hour global monitoring and protection system purposely created for business and government. ReputationAuthority proactively and automatically prevents unwanted email and web traffic that contain spam, malware, spyware, malicious code, and phishing and network threats from entering your network, resulting in a 98.3% catch-rate being rejected at the connection-level.

About WatchGuard Technologies, Inc.
Since 1996, WatchGuard® Technologies, Inc. has been the advanced technology leader of business security solutions, providing mission-critical protection to hundreds of thousands of businesses worldwide. The WatchGuard family of wired and wireless unified threat management appliances, messaging, content security and SSL VPN remote access solutions provide extensible network, application and data protection, as well as unparalleled network visibility, management and control. WatchGuard products are backed by WatchGuard LiveSecurity® Service, an innovative support, maintenance, and education program. WatchGuard is headquartered in Seattle and has offices serving North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America. To learn more, visit

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Application visibility and control is critical to the health of your network and your business. Learn how Application Control from WatchGuard makes enforcing acceptable use policies simple.

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