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WatchGuard Strengthens Messaging and DLP Security Appliances

WatchGuard XCS 170, 370 and 570 Now Provide Web Security Protection in Addition to Anti-spam and Data Loss Prevention (DLP); Unveils Compelling New Pricing on Several Models

SEATTLE - July 27, 2010. WatchGuard® Technologies, a global leader of business security solutions, today unveiled a major upgrade to its extensible content security (XCS) solutions specifically designed for small to medium sized businesses. Now WatchGuard XCS 170, 370 and 570 security appliances offer enterprise-grade web blocking security services in addition to having advanced e-mail protection, data loss prevention (DLP), spam, virus, spyware and malware protection. Furthermore, WatchGuard is lowering annual Web Security subscriptions for its XCS 770, 970 and 1170 appliances, and reducing prices across its XCS 370, 570 and 770 messaging appliances by up to 20 percent.

"Blended threats - attacks that use multiple sources, such as spam, viruses and malware-laden URLs - are becoming ubiquitous," said Tim Helming, Director of Product Management at WatchGuard Technologies. "Having a spam firewall is not enough. Today, businesses need comprehensive security appliances that can thwart a multitude of threats, including the most pernicious of all, web-based payloads, such as spyware, keyloggers and other forms of malware."

Ideal for SMBs and mid-market organizations, WatchGuard XCS 170, 370 and 570 appliances provide e-mail security protection, which includes advanced shielding against spam, phishing, viruses, malware and other forms of e-mail based threats. Additionally, they all sport advanced management and reporting capabilities, which include archiving, on-box reporting, messaging logs, customizable granular policies and reports, TLS encryption and message redundancy.

Now able to deliver WatchGuard's Web Security service, these same appliances can actively protect against sophisticated web-based attacks. With it, administrators can manage website access to foster stronger security and mitigation of risky web surfing activities. WatchGuard XCS Web Security also blocks malicious sites to keep networks protected from risky web content. Furthermore, it conserves network bandwidth, prevents legal liability from inappropriate content, and increases employee productivity while guarding networks against malicious attacks from rogue websites.

Adding to a complete and comprehensive defense-in-depth posture, all WatchGuard XCS appliances that run the Web Security features gain the added protection of Reputation Enabled Defense, an innovative cloud-based security service that provides additional web protection. Reputation Enabled Defense gives businesses and their employees superior protection against viruses, malware, spyware, keyloggers, botnets and other web-based threats, in addition to faster, more productive web surfing experiences.

Reputation Enabled Defense delivers highly secure web browsing experiences via a cloud-based reputation lookup that scores URLs as either good, bad or unknown. The lookup leverages a dynamic global database that aggregates data from multiple feeds, including industry-leading anti-virus engines. URLs with bad reputations are immediately blocked. URLs with unknown reputations are scanned by WatchGuard XCS appliances to ensure that they are malware free, and URLs with good reputations are accelerated through the WatchGuard appliances. This significantly boosts web traffic performance over the network while keeping employees safe from drive-by-downloads and other web-based attacks. WatchGuard gives administrators the ability to configure reputation thresholds, which allows businesses to optimize and control IT risk management.

Users will appreciate improved web surfing speeds with Reputation Enabled Defense. With it, browsing is accelerated by eliminating the need to scan all web traffic for threats. Up to 50 percent of URL scanning can be avoided without compromising security, resulting in greater throughput at the gateway and more efficient use of appliance resources.

Pricing and Availability
WatchGuard XCS 370 starts at $4,400; the WatchGuard XCS 570 now starts at $6,500; and the XCS 770 is $14,400. All WatchGuard XCS appliances have no per user license fees. More information is available at

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