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WatchGuard Technologies Presents the Top Five Tips to Secure Critical Data

Watch Gartner IT Expo Session Video of WatchGuard Technologies' Director of Security Research Speaking on the State of Data Loss and Prevention Tips

SEATTLE – November 1, 2013 — Data breaches and loses continue to grow year over year, as well as the costs and repercussions associated with those loses. Since 2005, more than 600 million records have been breached1, and the stakes continue to rise as companies struggle to protect data in the face of increasingly complicated regulatory requirements and numerous file types.

In a recent blog post and during a recorded Gartner IT Expo session (SPS17) on October 7, 2013, in Orlando, Corey Nachreiner, director of security research at WatchGuard Technologies, shared some revelations from recent WatchGuard data loss research and outlined the top data security tips to combat data loss. The following is an excerpt from the blog post:

"During my IT Expo talk, I shared some revelations from WatchGuard's recent data loss research. For instance, though 64 percent of respondents report having data sharing and usage policies, only 30 percent have Data Loss Prevention solutions in place.2 And, while the top data loss threats include malicious insiders and criminal hackers, the number one threat is accidental data loss.

Of course, the point of the presentation wasn't to alarm, but to remedy. To that end, I proposed five simple steps CIOs and IT managers can take to protect their organization's critical data assets."

To get complete details on "The Top Five Tips to Help Protect Your Critical Data," read the in-depth blog post and watch the complete Gartner IT Expo session video at

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2 WatchGuard 2013 Security Professional Survey

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