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Bud Logs In

The latest release in the SecurityWise series of
instructional videos IT professionals can use

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11/15/07 Bud Logs In

Watch as hapless Bud makes every password mistake in the book! Shudder as he blunders through one near calamity after another. Chuckle at the painful familiarity of his plight. Will Bud ever succeed in his quest to LOG IN?

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Learn Better Security Habits (Painlessly)

"Bud Logs In" brings entertaining flair to important and scientifically sound advice on how to create a highly secure password that you can live with. Whimsically produced in the style of a 1950s instructional film, "Bud Logs In" teaches an easy method for creating a password that is strong yet memorable — and that you can type without locking yourself out of your own account. WatchGuard proudly offers this 7-minute video for you to use as part of your security training curriculum — free of charge.

More Tools for Raising Security Awareness

"Bud Logs In" is the latest video offering in WatchGuard's SecurityWise Sessions. For administrators who want to train their network users about security, but have no time to design and prepare curriculum, SecurityWise is the answer. Each SecurityWise module provides everything a presenter needs to deliver a top-notch, one-hour training session, including:

  • Customizable PowerPoint presentation
  • Speaker's notes
  • Presentation tips
  • Video demonstration
  • Sign-in forms for attendees
  • "Quick Tips" reminder cards for attendees
  • An after-class quiz

...and much more. SecurityWise modules on vital topics such as email safety, strong passwords, and avoiding spyware, are available exclusively to current LiveSecurity Service subscribers and WatchGuard certified resellers, at no added charge.

WatchGuard is committed to helping every network administrator grow in understanding security. For more free educational security resources, see:

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