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Install or Configure WatchGuard Servers from WatchGuard Server Center

If you have already installed and configured one or more WatchGuard servers, you can use WatchGuard Server Center to install or configure any of the WatchGuard servers you have not already installed or configured.

  1. Open WatchGuard Server Center.
    The main Servers page appears.

Screen shot of the main Servers page

  1. In the Servers tree, select the server you want to install or configure.
    The selected server page appears. In these examples, you see the Log Server main page.

Screen shot of the Install Log Server page

Log Server not installed

Screen shot fo the Log Server Not Configured page

Log Server not configured

  1. To install the server, click Launch Installer.
    The WatchGuard System Manager Installer appears.
    To configure the server, click Launch Wizard.
    The WatchGuard Server Center Setup Wizard appears.
  2. If you selected to install the server, follow the instructions in Install WatchGuard System Manager Software to complete the installation wizard.
    If you selected to configure the server, follow the instructions in Set Up WatchGuard Servers for the server you selected.
  3. Click Refresh to update the server page.
  4. If you installed the server, repeat Steps 3–5 to configure the server.

If you configured the server, you can now use WatchGuard Server Center to Set Up WatchGuard Servers.

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