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Rogue Access Point Detection

You can configure your wireless Firebox to detect (unknown) wireless access points that operate in the same area. A rogue access point is any wireless access point within range of your network that is not recognized as an authorized access point in your deployment. When you enable rogue access point detection on your wireless Firebox , the wireless radio in the device scans wireless channels to identify unknown wireless access points. You can configure the scan to run continuously, or to run at a scheduled interval and time of day.

When a rogue access point scan begins, the wireless Firebox scans the airwaves within range for other radio broadcasts.The device scans for wireless access points in 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11n wireless modes on all available wireless channels for the country where the device is located. The scan is not limited to the wireless mode and channel settings configured in the radio settings of your device.

When the wireless Firebox detects the signal of another wireless access point, it compares the characteristics of the access point to a list of trusted access points that you configure. If the discovered access point does not match any trusted access point, the Firebox reports the device as a potential rogue access point. You can configure the device to send an alarm when a rogue access point is detected. If you enable logging, you can run a report of all scans and scan results.

The Rogue Access Point Detection feature for Firebox and XTM wireless devices is different than the Rogue Access Point Detection feature designed for the Gateway Wireless Controller and managed WatchGuard AP devices. For more information on Rogue Access Point Detection on the Gateway Wireless Controller, see Enable Rogue Access Point Detection.

For information on the differences between Firebox and XTM wireless devices and WatchGuard AP devices, see Wireless Access Point Types.

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