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Add a Firebox as a Trusted Access Point

If you have multiple Firebox wireless access points, you must add their information to the rogue access point detection configuration's trusted access points list. The wireless settings you can select to identify a trusted wireless access point are similar to the settings you use to configure an wireless Firebox as a wireless access point. Use these steps to find the settings for your wireless Firebox so you can add it to the trusted access point list.

The Rogue Access Point Detection feature for Firebox and XTM wireless devices is different than the Rogue Access Point Detection feature designed for the Gateway Wireless Controller and managed WatchGuard AP devices. For more information on Rogue Access Point Detection on the Gateway Wireless Controller, see Enable Rogue Access Point Detection.

For information on the differences between Firebox and XTM wireless devices and WatchGuard AP devices, see Wireless Access Point Types.

Find the Settings for Your Trusted Firebox Access Points

To identify your Firebox access points as trusted, you must find the channel, SSID, and security settings.

A wireless Firebox can have up to three enabled wireless access points with different settings. If the wireless Firebox has multiple enabled access points, repeat these steps to get the information about each enabled access point. Repeat these steps for any other trusted access points on your network.

Add the Trusted Access Points to the Trusted Access Point List

Add the trusted access point to the trusted access points list on the wireless device that performs the rogue access point scan.

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