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Enable a Wireless Guest Network

To enable a wireless network for guest users, we recommend you configure an access point in the custom zone and use the wireless interface alias when you configure policies for traffic from guest wireless clients.

By default, traffic for a custom interface is not allowed through the Firebox unless you specifically configure policies to allow it. You must create policies to allow guest wireless users access. For more information, see Wireless Guest and Policies.

For more information on the custom zone, see Configure a Custom Interface.

You can also configure your wireless guest network as a hotspot. For more information, see Configure a Hotspot.

Another configuration option you can select is to restrict access to the guest network by MAC address.

  1. To enable MAC access control, select the MAC Access Control tab.
  2. Configure the settings as described in Restrict Network Traffic by MAC Address.

Wireless Guest and Traffic Management

You can use Traffic Management on a policy for your wireless networks. This feature enables you to control the amount of bandwidth used by wireless guest networks to prevent wireless guest clients from using too many resources.

For more information on Traffic Management, see About Traffic Management and QoS.

Wireless Guest and Policies

You can use the custom zone interface type for your wireless interface. Because a custom interface is not included in the list of built-in aliases, traffic for a custom interface is not allowed through the Firebox unless you specifically configure policies to allow it. This is important for wireless guest network security to make sure users cannot access a trusted or optional network.

For example, to allow the GW-Wireless-Guest wireless interface outbound access from the Firebox, you must add the interface to the From field of the Outgoing policy for the Firebox.

For wireless guest policies, we recommend that you create a new alias named Any-Guest. You can then use the Any-Guest alias in policies for your wireless guest network. For more information, see Create an Alias.

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