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About Firebox Wireless Device Configuration

WatchGuard offers two types of wireless devices that you can use separately or together to add secure wireless access points to your network: a WatchGuard Firebox wireless device and a WatchGuard Access Point device.

A WatchGuard XTM wireless device

A WatchGuard Access Point device

The configuration options and setup procedures for these two types of access point devices are different.

WatchGuard Firebox wireless device

You can enable up to three wireless access points on a WatchGuard Firebox wireless device. The settings to configure a WatchGuard Firebox wireless device are in the Network > Wireless menu.

The steps to enable and configure wireless interfaces on a WatchGuard XTM or Firebox wireless device are described in this section.

WatchGuard Access Point (AP) device

You can connect multiple WatchGuard AP devices to the trusted or optional network of a Firebox device, and manage them from any wired or wireless Firebox device. You configure the Gateway Access Controller on your Firebox device to manage the WatchGuard AP devices.

The settings to configure WatchGuard AP devices are in the Network > Gateway Wireless Controller menu.

For more information, see About AP Device Configuration.

Enable Wireless on a Firebox Wireless Device

When you enable the wireless feature of your Firebox wireless device, you can configure the external interface to use wireless, or you can configure the device as a wireless access point for users on specified networks. You can enable wireless clients to connect to the wireless device as part of the trusted network or part of the optional network. You can also use a custom network to enable a wireless guest services network for your device, or use bridge or VLAN networks in your wireless configuration.

Wireless networking on Firebox wireless devices is not supported when the device is in Drop-In mode (Fireware OS v11.9 and higher).

Before you set up wireless network access, see Before You Begin.

Before you can enable the wireless feature on your Firebox device, you must get the feature key for your device. For more information, see About Feature Keys.

Wireless Settings in Fireware OS v11.8.x and v11.9.x

Wireless functionality for Fireware OS v11.8.x and lower is different than for Fireware OS v11.9.x and higher.

The features available in WatchGuard System Manager (WSM) can be different for different versions of Fireware. If your Firebox does not run Fireware OS v11.10.x or higher, the content in this Help topic might not apply to your Firebox.

For instructions to complete the procedures in this topic for a Firebox that runs an older version of Fireware, see:

About Firebox and XTM Wireless Device Configuration in WatchGuard System Manager v11.9.x Help

Enable Wireless

You must enable wireless on your Firebox before you can configure wireless access points.

Enable Wireless to Your Networks

You can enable wireless settings for the trusted, optional, VLAN, bridge, or custom networks. For more information, see Enable Wireless Connections.

Enable a Wireless Guest Network

You can configure any access point as a wireless guest network. For more information, see Enable a Wireless Guest Network.

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