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Enable Rogue Access Point Detection

You can use the Wireless Deployment Maps to scan your network for all foreign wireless access points that operate within range of your managed AP devices. Some of these foreign access points could be rogue access points.

A rogue access point is any wireless access point within range of your network that is not recognized as a paired access point or configured exception in your wireless deployment.

An unauthorized access point can be installed by a malicious user, but it could also be a device installed by someone inside your organization without consent. These access points are security risks to your wireless and wired networks if they do not have proper security features enabled.

For more information on how to find rogue access points with wireless maps, see View Wireless Deployment Maps.

The Rogue Access Point Detection feature for the Gateway Wireless Controller and managed WatchGuard AP devices is different than the Rogue Access Point Detection feature designed for Firebox and XTM wireless devices with built-in wireless capabilities.

For information on the differences between Firebox and XTM wireless devices and WatchGuard AP devices, see Wireless Access Point Types. For information on Rogue Access Point Detection for Firebox or XTM wireless devices, see Rogue Access Point Detection.

Enable Rogue Access Point Detection

Rogue Access Point Exceptions List

To add a known access point to the Rogue Access Point Exceptions list:

  1. Click Add.
  2. In the BSSID (MAC Address) text box, type the MAC address of the known access point.
  3. Click Add.

For more information on how to configure an SSID, see Configure WatchGuard AP Device SSIDs.

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