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Update AP Device Firmware on the Gateway Wireless Controller

For the Firebox to update the firmware for paired AP devices, the AP device firmware must first be available on the Firebox.

  • In Fireware v11.11.2 and higher, you must download AP device firmware images to the Firebox from WatchGuard servers to the Firebox.
  • In Fireware v11.11.1 and lower, AP device firmware images are included with the Fireware OS installation.

These instructions apply to AP devices managed with a Gateway Wireless Controller. For AP devices managed by Wi-Fi Cloud, see Update AP Device Firmware in WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud.

See the Current Firmware Version

From the Gateway Wireless Controller, you can see information about the installed and available versions of AP device firmware. This includes:

  • The Access Point Firmware section shows the version of Access Point firmware that is available on the Firebox. This is the version of firmware the Firebox can install on a paired AP device.
  • On the Access Points tab, the Version column shows the currently installed firmware version on each paired access point.

For more information about the Gateway Wireless Controller in the Fireware Web UI Dashboard pages or Firebox System Manager, see:

Manage AP Firmware

Options for AP Device Firmware Updates

There are several ways that you can upgrade the firmware on your AP devices:

Enable automatic firmware updates

You can configure the Gateway Wireless Controller to automatically upgrade firmware for all paired AP devices whenever a new version is available on the Firebox. For more information, see Configure Gateway Wireless Controller Settings.

Automatic firmware upgrades occur from 00:00 (midnight) to 04:00 based on the local time of the Firebox.

Send a firmware update to a single AP device

From Fireware Web UI, you can update the firmware for AP devices from the Gateway Wireless Controller Dashboard page. For more information, see Monitor AP Device Status.

From Firebox System Manager, you can update the firmware for AP devices from the Gateway Wireless Controller tab. For more information, see Monitor AP Device Status.

Use the Access Point Web UI on the AP device

You can manually upgrade the firmware on an AP device from the Access Point web UI. Before you can upgrade your AP device, you must download and save the firmware image to the computer connected to your AP device. This is the only way to update firmware for an unpaired AP device. For more information, see Use the WatchGuard Access Point Web UI.

Apply a Component Update to the Firebox

You can update a specific component of Fireware OS without an upgrade to Fireware OS. This includes AP firmware updates. The component upgrade is available on the Software Downloads page for the AP device.

For more information, see Upgrade Fireware OS or WatchGuard System Manager and the Install a Component Package section.

Do not interrupt the power to the AP device while the firmware upgrade is in progress. Interruption of power during a firmware upgrade can cause the AP device to start in failsafe mode. When the AP device is in failsafe mode, the Access Point web UI provides a single option that enables you to upgrade the device firmware. For more details about AP device failsafe mode and recovery, see the WatchGuard Knowledge Base.


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