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Wireless Access Point Types

WatchGuard offers two types of wireless devices that you can use separately or together to add secure wireless access points to your network: a Firebox wireless device and a WatchGuard Access Point device.

Photo of a Firebox T30-W device

Firebox wireless device

WatchGuard Access Point (AP) device


Firebox Wireless Device

You can enable up to three wireless access points on a Firebox device with built-in wireless capabilities. To configure built-in access points on a Firebox wireless device, select Network > Wireless in Fireware Web UI or Policy Manager.

For more information, see About Firebox Wireless Device Configuration.

WatchGuard Access Point (AP) Device

You can connect AP devices to your Firebox internal networks to add wireless access to your network. There are two ways you can manage a WatchGuard AP device:

WatchGuard Firebox Gateway Wireless Controller

You can use Gateway Wireless Controller on your Firebox to configure, manage, and monitor WatchGuard AP devices directly from the Firebox. You can connect multiple WatchGuard AP devices to the trusted, optional, or custom networks of a Firebox, and manage them from the Gateway Wireless Controller on the Firebox.

To configure WatchGuard AP devices from Gateway Wireless Controller, select Network > Gateway Wireless Controller in Fireware Web UI or Policy Manager.

To manage AP devices from Gateway Wireless Controller, the Firebox must run Fireware OS v11.11.2 or higher.

For more information, see About AP Device Configuration.

WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud

WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud is a powerful cloud-based enterprise wireless management solution for WatchGuard AP device configuration, security, and monitoring. WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud supports only AP120, AP320, AP322, and AP420 devices. For more information about WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud, see About WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud.

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