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Restrict Users to a Specific Set of Websites

You can configure WebBlocker to give users access to only one website or only a list of allowed websites. For each website you want to allow users to have access to, add an allowed exception to the exceptions list. Then, configure WebBlocker to deny access to any website that does not match the allowed sites. In this configuration, WebBlocker does not use the WebBlocker category list to determine access.

From Policy Manager, you can enable users to access only specifically allowed websites based on a URL pattern.

  1. Select Subscription Services > WebBlocker > Configure.
    The Configure WebBlocker dialog box appears and shows any HTTP or HTTPS policies that were already created.

Screen shot of the Configure WebBlocker dialog box

  1. Select the policy you want to configure. Click Configure.
    The WebBlocker Configuration dialog box for that policy appears.
  2. Select the Exceptions tab.
    The Exceptions tab shows any exceptions you previously defined.

Screen shot of the WebBlocker Configuration dialog box - Exceptions tab

  1. Click Add to add a new exception rule.
    The New WebBlocker Exception dialog box appears.

Screen shot of the New WebBlocker Exception dialog box

  1. From the Match Type drop-down list, select Pattern Match.
  2. From the Type drop-down list, select URL.
  3. In the Pattern text box, type the URL pattern that matches the website you want to allow access to. For example, the pattern* allows access to all URL paths on the website.
    When you enter a URL, do not include the leading "http://". Include a forward slash (/) at the end of the URL pattern to match all URL paths on that site. Use the asterisk (*) wildcard symbol to match any character. You can use more than one wildcard in one pattern.
  1. Click OK to close the New WebBlocker Exception dialog box.
    The WebBlocker Configuration shows the exception you just added.

Screen shot of the WebBlocker Configuration - Exceptions tab

  1. If you want to edit the exception you just added, click on the Name column in the exception. The default name is WB Rule[number].
  2. Repeat Steps 2–7 to add allowed exceptions for any other sites you want to allow your users to access.
  3. After you have added all the allowed sites to the exceptions list, select Deny website access. This setting configures WebBlocker to deny access to all websites not explicitly allowed on the exception list.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Save the Configuration File.

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