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Request a SurfControl Category Change

If you think a website is categorized incorrectly, you can submit a request to change the site categorization. On the WatchGuard Test-a-Site Test Results page, you can optionally send feedback about the site categorization to SurfControl for review. Specifically, you can submit a request to:

  • Add the website to a category
  • Remove a URL from a category
  • Change the category for a site

To request a category change for a site in the SurfControl database:

  1. Open a web browser and go the WatchGuard Security Portal at
  2. Click SurfControl.
    The WatchGuard Test-a-Site page appears.
  3. Type the URL or IP address of the site to check.
  4. Click Test Site.
    The WatchGuard Test-a-Site Results page appears.
  5. On the Test Results page, click Submit A Site.
    The Submit A Site page appears.

Screen shot of the Submit-a-Site page

  1. Select whether you want to Add a site, Delete a site, or Change the category.
  2. Type the site URL.
  3. To suggest a new category for the site, select the new category from the drop-down list.
  4. Click Submit.

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