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TDR User Roles and Permissions

In your Threat Detection and Response account, user roles determine what information a user can see, and what actions a user can complete. If a user account has more than one user role, the user has the privileges from all of the assigned roles. All configuration tasks must be performed by a user with the Administrator or Operator user role.


A user assigned the Administrator role can manage user accounts and global Host Sensor settings. A user with the Administrator role has limited visibility into the status of the system, but cannot see the Dashboard or information about current incidents.

Administrators can:

  • Manage user accounts and user roles
  • Change their own user roles
  • Change Host Sensor settings
  • See the CYBERCON level
  • See the status of Firebox and Host Sensor licenses
  • Generate and schedule reports
  • See the Audit Log


A user assigned the Operator role can complete most actions, but cannot manage user accounts or change global Host Sensor settings.

Operators can:

  • Change the CYBERCON level
  • See the Dashboard
  • Take action on incidents and indicators
  • Add policies and exclusions
  • Generate and schedule reports
  • Set up AD Helper, Host Sensors, and Fireboxes
  • See information about hosts and network events
  • See domain and group information
  • Add signature overrides
  • See the Audit Log


A user assigned the Analyst user role can see most of the same status information as an Operator, but has less ability to make changes.

Analysts can:

  • See the Dashboard and CYBERCON level
  • See incidents, indicators, policies, and exclusions
  • Generate and schedule reports
  • See information about hosts, network events, and groups


A user assigned the Observer role can see the same information as an Analyst, except for policies and exclusions.

Observers can:

  • See the Dashboard and CYBERCON level
  • See incidents and indicators
  • Generate and schedule reports
  • See information about network events

Service Provider User Roles

Service Provider accounts manage multiple customer accounts. Users in a Service Provider account can have the Administrator (SP) and Operator (SP) user roles. For more information, see TDR Service Provider Accounts.

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