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About spamBlocker Proactive Patterns

The Proactive Patterns feature enables spamBlocker to identify and block new spam messages even before the recurrent pattern is added to the CYREN database. For example, each day new types of spam are introduced on the Internet. With Proactive Patterns enabled, spamBlocker blocks email messages that use the newly identified spam methods. When clear patterns are established for these new attacks, the pattern is added to the CYREN database.

Proactive Patterns is enabled by default. This feature requires large amounts of space while the local database on your Firebox is updated. If your device has limited memory or processor resources, you might want to disable this feature in the spamBlocker global settings.

To disable Proactive Patterns:

  1. In the spamBlocker Settings dialog box, select the General tab.
  2. Clear the Enable check box.

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