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Activate Gateway AntiVirus from Proxy Definitions

Gateway AV can scan traffic that matches rules in several categories for each proxy. For example, for the SMTP and POP3 proxies, Gateway AV can scan traffic that matches rules in the Content Types and File Names categories.

From Policy Manager, you can activate Gateway AntiVirus while you edit a proxy definition.

  1. Add an SMTP, POP3, HTTP, FTP, or TCP-UDP proxy you want to use with Gateway AntiVirus.
    For information on how to add policies, see Add a Proxy Policy to Your Configuration.
  2. Double-click the policy.
    The Edit Policy Properties dialog appears.
  3. Select the Policy tab.
  4. Click adjacent to the Proxy action drop-down list.
  5. From the Categories list on the left side of the Proxy Action Configuration dialog box, select one of these categories.
  6. FTP Proxy SMTP Proxy POP3 Proxy HTTP Proxy TCP-UDP Proxy (HTTP/SMTP traffic on dynamic ports)
    Download Content Types Content Types Requests: URL Paths Request: URL Paths
    Upload File names File names

    Responses: Content Types, Body Content Types

    Responses: Content Types, Body Content Types

  7. From the If matched or None matched drop-down lists, select AV Scan if you want traffic that matches, or does not match, a given rule to be scanned for viruses. (For information on how to configure rules in a proxy definition, see Add, Change, or Delete Rules.)

Screen shot of the Proxy Configuration content types list

  1. Click OK.

Gateway AntiVirus is automatically activated and enabled for the proxy. To use Gateway AntiVirus with other proxies, you must repeat this procedure for each one.

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