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Activate Gateway AntiVirus with a Wizard from Policy Manager

  1. From WatchGuard System Manager, select the Firebox on which you want to use Gateway AntiVirus.
  2. Click the Policy Manager icon.
    Or, select Tools > Policy Manager.
    Policy Manager appears for the selected device.
  3. Select Subscription Services > Gateway AntiVirus > Activate.
    The Activate Gateway AntiVirus wizard starts.

Screen shot of the Activate Gateway AntiVirus wizard welcome page

  1. Click Next.
  2. Complete the wizard. The wizard shows different pages depending on whether you already have proxy policies in your configuration. If you do not, the wizard helps you create one or more proxy policies.

Apply Gateway AntiVirus Settings to Your Policies

This screen includes a list of proxy policies that are already on your Firebox. From the list, select the proxy policies for which you want to enable Gateway AntiVirus. The Select check boxes for any policies that are disabled or that have Gateway AntiVirus already enabled appear dimmed.

You can also automatically enable Gateway AntiVirus for the SMTP, POP3, HTTP, FTP, or TCP proxies if you change settings in the proxy definition, as described in Activate Gateway AntiVirus from Proxy Definitions.

Screen shot of the Activate Gateway AntiVirus Wizard dialog box

Create New Proxy Policies

This screen appears if your Firebox does not yet have policies created for Incoming SMTP, POP3, TCP, FTP, or HTTP Client.

To create a policy, select the corresponding check box. If you select SMTP, enter the email server IP address.

If you select to create an SMTP policy, the wizard creates a default SMTP policy, which is a static NAT policy. To create this default SMTP policy, you must have at least one external interface with a static IP address or PPPoE. Only one policy is created even if you have more than one external interface. The To list of the policy has a static NAT entry (the static IP address of the first external interface to the specified email service IP address). If this default policy does not meet your requirements, you can create an SMTP policy in Policy Manager before you run this wizard.

Screen shot of the Activate Gateway AntiVirus wizard dalog box

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