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HTTP-Proxy: Proxy and AV Alarms

You can configure how the HTTP-proxy sends messages for alarm and antivirus events that occur through the HTTP-proxy. You can define the proxy to send an SNMP trap, a notification to a network administrator, or both. The notification can either be an email message to a network administrator or a pop-up window on the management computer.

  1. On the Edit page for the proxy action, select the Proxy and AV Alarms tab.
    The Proxy and AV Alarms settings appear.

Screen shot of the Edit HTTP-Proxy Action page, Proxy and AV Alarms settings

  1. Configure the notification settings for the HTTP-proxy action.
    For more information, see Set Logging and Notification Preferences.
  2. To change settings for other categories in this proxy, see the topic for the next category you want to modify.
  3. Click Save.

If you modified a predefined proxy action, when you save the changes you are prompted to clone (copy) your settings to a new action.

For more information on predefined proxy actions, see About Proxy Actions.

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