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Add WINS and DNS Server Addresses

Your Firebox shares Windows Internet Name Server (WINS) and Domain Name System (DNS) server IP addresses for some features on the Firebox. These features include DHCP and Mobile VPN. The WINS and DNS servers must be accessible from the Firebox trusted interface. 

This information is used for two purposes:

  • The Firebox uses the DNS server to resolve names to IP addresses for IPSec VPNs and for the spamBlocker, Gateway AV, and IPS features to work correctly.
  • The WINS and DNS entries are used by DHCP clients on the trusted or optional networks, and by Mobile VPN users to resolve DNS queries.

Mobile VPN clients use only the first two DNS servers.

Make sure that you use only an internal WINS and DNS server for DHCP and Mobile VPN. This is to make sure that you do not create policies with configuration properties that make it difficult for your users to connect to the DNS server.

The Firebox uses the WINS and DNS servers that you configure on the WINS/DNS tab, unless you specify a different WINS/DNS server elsewhere in the Firebox configuration.

In Fireware v11.12.2 and higher, you can enable DNS forwarding and add rules to forward DNS queries based on the domain name in the query. DNS forwarding is not supported for mobile VPN clients. For more information, see About DNS Forwarding.

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