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Configure Policies For Mobile VPN with PPTP

Mobile VPN with PPTP users have no access privileges through a Firebox by default. You must configure policies to allow PPTP users access to network resources. You can add new policies or edit existing policies.

Before you set up the PPTP access policy, you must enable Mobile VPN with PPTP. For instructions, see Configure Mobile VPN with PPTP. When you enable Mobile VPN for PPTP, Policy Manager creates the PPTP-Users group you use in the PPTP access policy.

If you assign IP addresses from a trusted network to PPTP users, the traffic from the PPTP user is not considered trusted. All Mobile VPN with PPTP traffic is not trusted by default. For this reason, you must create policies to allow PPTP users access to network resources.

Allow PPTP Users to Access a Trusted Network

In this example, you add an Any policy to give all members of the PPTP-Users group full access to resources on all trusted networks.

For more information about policies, see Add Policies to Your Configuration.

Use Other Groups or Users in a PPTP Policy

Users must be a member of the PPTP-Users group to make a PPTP connection. When you configure a policy to give the PPTP users access to network resources, you can use the individual user name or any other group that the user is a member of.

For more information on how to use users and groups in policies, see Use Authorized Users and Groups in Policies.

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