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Mobile VPN Tunnels

A Mobile VPN enables your employees who telecommute and travel to securely connect to your corporate network from a remote location. To set up Mobile VPN connections to your network, you first configure your Firebox and then configure the VPN client on the remote computers or mobile devices. You can use Policy Manager or Fireware Web UI to configure the settings for each user or group of users.

Before you set up a mobile VPN, consider which type best suits your existing infrastructure and your network policy preferences. For information about the factors to consider, see Select the Type of Mobile VPN to Use.

Fireware supports four types of mobile VPNs:

For Mobile VPN with IPSec, Mobile VPN with SSL, and Mobile VPN with L2TP, you create an end user profile configuration file that includes all the settings necessary to connect to the Firebox. You can also configure your policies to allow or deny traffic from Mobile VPN clients. Mobile VPN users can authenticate either to the Firebox user database or to an external authentication server.

For information about how to set up a Mobile VPN, see:

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