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Configure Modem Failover

You can configure your Firebox T10, T30, T50, M200, M300, M400, or M500 model, and XTM 2 Series, 3 Series, or 5 Series device to send traffic through a modem when it cannot send traffic with any external interface. After you configure modem failover, you can also configure branch office VPN failover to a modem. For more information, see Configure VPN Modem Failover.

Connect a serial or 3G/4G modem to a USB port on the Firebox.

  • To use a serial modem, you must have a dial-up account with an ISP (Internet Service Provider). 
  • To use a 3G/4G modem, the Firebox must use the minimum version of Fireware OS that supports the modem. and you must have a 3G or 4G data plan with a wireless service provider.

Modem failover is supported for these 3G/4G modems:

Carrier 3G/4G USB Device Vendor ID Product ID Fireware OS Requirement
N/A (UK and NL) D-Link DWM-221 0x2001 0x7e19 v11.10.7 or higher
AT&T Netgear 340U* 0x1199 0x9051 v11.10.2 or higher
AT&T Sierra 313U 0x0f3d 0x68aa v11.7.4 or higher
AT&T Sierra Elevate 4G 0x1199 0x68a3 v11.8.3 Update 1 or higher
AT&T Netgear BEAM 0x1199 0x9051 v11.12.2 or higher
Bell (CA) Huawei E8372 0x12d1 0x14db v11.10.7 or higher
Deutsche Telekom Huawei E3372 0x12d1 0x1506 v11.10.7 or higher
Deutsche Telekom Huawei E3372 0x12d1 0x14dc v11.12 or higher
Sprint Franklin U602 0x1fac Unknown v11.7.3 or higher
Sprint Sierra 250U N/A N/A v11.7.3 or higher
Sprint Franklin U301 N/A N/A v11.9.1 or higher
Sprint Netgear 341U 0x1199 0x9055 v11.8.3 or higher
Sprint Franklin U772 0x1fac 0x0232 v11.12.2 or higher
Telus (CA) Netgear 340U* 0x1199 0x9051 v11.10.2 or higher
T-Mobile ZTE MF683 0x19d2 0x0157 v11.7.3 or higher
T-Mobile ZTE MF190 0x19d2 0x0117 v11.9.3 or higher
T-Mobile (NL) Huawei E3372 0x12d1 0x1506 v11.10.7 or higher
T-Mobile (NL) Huawei E3372 0x12d1 0x14dc v11.12 or higher
Telstra (ANZ) Huawei E8372 0x12d1 0x14db v11.10.7 or higher
Telstra (ANZ) Sierra 320U 0x0f3d 0x68aa v11.8.1 or higher
Verizon Pantech UML295 0x10a9 0x6064 v11.10.2 or higher
Verizon Novatel USB551L 0x1410 0xb001 v11.7.4 or higher
Verizon Novatel U620L 0x1410 0x9022 v11.10.5 or higher

* To use the Netgear 340U with your Firebox, you might have to disable the Identity Morphing feature on the modem. For more information, see the Knowledge Base article NETGEAR AC340U modem not working with Firebox.

Modem failover is also supported for these serial modems:

  • Zoom FaxModem 56K model 2949
  • MultiTech 56K Data/Fax Modem International
  • OMRON ME5614D2 Fax/Data Modem
  • Hayes 56K V.90 serial fax modem

For XTM 21, 22, and 23 devices, you must use an IOGEAR GUC323A USB to Serial RS-232 adapter to connect a serial modem to the USB port.

Connect the Modem

To use a modem with your Firebox:

  1. Connect the modem to your Firebox and power the modem on.
  2. If the Firebox is powered on, reboot the Firebox:
    • From Fireware Web UI, on the Front Panel page, click Reboot.
    • From Firebox System Manager, select File > Reboot.

The Firebox recognizes a modem only if the modem is connected and powered on when the Firebox reboots.

Enable Modem Failover

Account Settings

In the Dial Up Account Settings section, configure the connection settings for your modem.

DNS Settings 

If your ISP or wireless service provider does not provide DNS server information, or if you must use a different DNS server, you can manually add the IP addresses for a DNS server to use after failover occurs.

Dial-Up Settings

Advanced Settings

Some dial-up ISPs or wireless service providers require that you specify one or more PPP options before you can connect. In China, for example, some ISPs require that you use the PPP option receive-all. The receive-all option forces PPP to accept all control characters from the peer.

Link Monitor Settings

The Link Monitor is a tool you can use to verify the status of each external interface on your Firebox. When you configure the modem settings on your Firebox, you can set options to test one or more external interfaces for an active connection. When an external interface is active again, the device no longer sends traffic over the modem. Instead, it uses the available external interface or interfaces. You can configure the Link Monitor to ping a site or device on the external interface, create a TCP connection with a site and port number you specify, or both. You can also set the time interval between each connection test, and configure the number of times a test must fail or succeed before an interface is activated or deactivated.

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