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Import a List of Blocked Sites or Blocked Sites Exceptions

If you manage several Fireboxes and want to use the same blocked sites or blocked sites exceptions for more than one device, you can create a list of the sites to block in a plain text (.txt) file and import the file into each device.

The IP addresses in the text file must be separated by spaces or line breaks. Use slash notation to specify networks. To indicate a range of addresses, separate the start and end addresses with a hyphen. An example text import file might look like this:

You can use Policy Manager to import the IP addresses to the Blocked Sites or Blocked Sites Exceptions list for the current Firebox.

  1. Select Setup > Default Threat Protection > Blocked Sites.
    The Blocked Sites Configuration dialog appears.
  2. To import blocked sites from a file, click the Blocked Sites tab.
    Or, to import blocked sites exceptions, click the Blocked Site Exceptions tab.
  3. Click Import.
    The Select a File dialog box appears.
  4. Browse to select the file. Click Select a File.
    The sites in the file appear in the Blocked Sites or Blocked Sites Exceptions list.
  5. Click OK.

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