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Install WSM and Keep an Older Version

You can install the current version of WSM (WatchGuard System Manager) on the same management computer where you have an older version installed and keep the old version, as long as the versions of WSM are not in the same major release version. For example, you can install both WSM v10.2 and WSM v11.10, but not WSM v11.9 and WSM v11.10.

You cannot, however, install more than one version of the WatchGuard server software (Management Server, Log Server, Report Server, Quarantine Server, and WebBlocker Server). For example, you cannot have two Management Servers on the same computer.

Because you can have only one version of the servers installed, you must either remove the server software from the older version of WSM or install the new version of WSM without the server software. We recommend you remove the previous version of the server software before you install the current WSM version together with the current server software.

For more information about WSM installation, see Install WatchGuard System Manager Software.

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