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Restore a FireCluster Backup Image

When you save the backup image of a FireCluster to a file, you can later restore that image to both cluster members to return the cluster to a known state. To restore a FireCluster backup image, you must restore the image to each cluster member one at a time. As part of the restore procedure, you make cluster members leave the cluster temporarily. When a member leaves the cluster, it remains a member, but the cluster member status changes to standby.

When you restore a backup image, you must use the cluster Management IP address to connect to each cluster member. All other interfaces on the device are inactive until the final step when the backup master rejoins the cluster.

You must connect to the cluster from a workstation that is on the same subnet as the cluster Management IP address. If the Management IP address is a public, routable IP address, you can also connect through the Internet.

For more information about the cluster Management IP address, see About FireCluster Management IP Addresses.

You can use WatchGuard System Manager or Fireware Web UI to restore a backup image to members of a FireCluster. If you use Fireware Web UI, you must use Firebox System Manager to rejoin the members to the cluster after you restore the backup image to each member.

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