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Sample RIP Routing Configuration File

To use any of the dynamic routing protocols with Fireware XTM, you must import or copy and paste a configuration file for the dynamic routing daemon. This topic includes a sample configuration file for the RIP routing daemon. If you want to use this configuration file as a base for your own configuration file, copy the text into an application such as Notepad or Wordpad and save it with a new name. You can then edit the parameters to meet the requirements of your organization.

Optional commands are commented with the "!" character. To enable a command, delete the "!" and modify variables as necessary.

!! SECTION 1: Configure MD5 authentication keychains.
! Set MD5 authentication key chain name (KEYCHAIN), key number (1),
! and authentication key string (AUTHKEY).
! key chain KEYCHAIN
! key 1
! key-string AUTHKEY

!! SECTION 2: Configure interface properties.
! Set authentication for interface (eth1).
! interface eth1
! Set RIP simple authentication password (SHAREDKEY).
! ip rip authentication string SHAREDKEY
! Set RIP MD5 authentication and MD5 keychain (KEYCHAIN).
! ip rip authentication mode md5
! ip rip authentication key-chain KEYCHAIN

!! SECTION 3: Configure global RIP daemon properties.
! Set RIP to send or received to version 1; default is version 2.
! ip rip send version 1
! ip rip receive version 1
! Enable RIP daemon. Must be enabled for all RIP configurations.
! router rip
! Set RIP version to 1; default is version 2.
! version 1
! Disable split-horizon to prevent routing loop. Default is enabled.
! no ip split-horizon

!! SECTION 4: Configure interfaces and networks.
! Disable RIP send and receive on interface (eth0).
! no network eth0
! Set RIP to receive-only on interface (eth2).
! passive-interface eth2
! Set RIP to receive-only on all interfaces.
! passive-interface default
! Enable RIP broadcast (version 1) or multicast (version 2) on
! network (
! network
! Set unicast routing table updates to neighbor (
! neighbor

!! SECTION 5: Redistribute RIP routes to peers and inject OSPF or BGP
!! routes to RIP routing table.
! Share route of last resort (default route) from kernel routing table
! with RIP peers.
! default-information originate
! Redistribute firewall static routes to RIP peers.
! redistribute static
! Set route maps (MAPNAME) to restrict route redistribution in Section 6.
! Redistribute routes from all interfaces to RIP peers or with a route map
! filter (MAPNAME).
! redistribute connected
! redistribute connected route-map MAPNAME
! Redistribute routes from OSPF to RIP or with a route map filter (MAPNAME).
! redistribute ospf !redistribute ospf route-map MAPNAME
! Redistribute routes from BGP to RIP or with a route map filter (MAPNAME).
! redistribute bgp !redistribute bgp route-map MAPNAME

!! SECTION 6: Configure route redistribution filters with route maps and
!! access lists.
! Create an access list to only allow redistribution of
! access-list LISTNAME permit
! access-list LISTNAME deny any
! Create a route map with name MAPNAME and allow with a priority of 10.
! route-map MAPNAME permit 10
! match ip address LISTNAME

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